30 Things I’m Grateful For From My 30th Year

Happy Wednesday! We’re officially one week out from my birthday (woo!) and I can tell you one thing – I’m not in the place I thought I’d be by 31. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, but the plan I had in my 30th year just didn’t work out. Like most things in life, am I right?

While 2018 was a difficult year, it was also a wonderful year. Today I’m challenging myself with 30 things I’m grateful for in my 30th year as I approach my 31st. I hope you’ll join me in the comments and tell me a thing or two that you’re grateful for as well!

30 Things I'm Grateful For From My 30th YearSo, in no particular order

  1. Finding my wedding dress with some of my favorite people.
  2. Changing our wedding location – even though we were super sad, it was probably one of the best decisions we made.
  3. Ben’s health – I watched him deteriorate before my eyes and it was super scary. So happy he’s on the up and up.
  4. Cora – always. She makes me happy every single day.
  5. Reigniting an old friendship with my best friend growing up. I thought the friendship was gone forever and I’m so glad that it’s not.
  6. Finding amazing jewelry cleaner (seriously, I’ve never had “nice” jewelry before and no one could clean my ring the way I wanted!)
  7. Podcasts that get me through my commute.
  8. Finding a naturopathic doctor that helped me start my healing journey.
  9. All of my coaching with four different coaches. While I made a lot of those decisions without thinking about money (so I’m figuring that out now…) they still were amazing moments to have.
  10. Traveling to Harry Potter World and to see Ben’s grandparents for my 30th birthday.
  11. Traveling to Colorado and feeling so much peace.
  12. Starting my podcast!
  13. Reigniting my fire with my blog and YouTube channel.
  14. Traveling to Arizona by myself for a conference that I absolutely loved!
  15. Getting a new job!
  16. Finding out that working out to the point of pure exhaustion was no longer worth my time. I miss working out, but I don’t miss pushing myself into pain constantly because I wasn’t listening to my body.
  17. To continue with that one … I feel like in my 30th year, I really became more in-tune with my body. I’m not all the way there yet, but I’ve done quite a bit.
  18. I’m grateful for the hard times Ben and I have endured in the last year. While they weren’t pleasant as we went through them, we’re so much stronger now and we focus on continuing to strengthen our relationship.
  19. Therapy, therapy, therapy. ❤️
  20. Moving over most of my products to non-toxic ones. Ben and I are on a rampage – from a Berkey filter to organic chapstick to organic food to non-toxic beauty/skincare with Beautycounter, every little bit helps.
  21. My Apple AirPods – seriously. They’ve changed my life, particularly during my commute.
  22. Our apartment has been life-changing. There’s so much natural light, the building is safe and secure and we just absolutely love it here.
  23. My social media client! I’ve doubled her following on Instagram in just a few months and she has so much engagement. I can’t wait to keep working with her throughout the year.
  24. Reading a ton more. This has been just in the past few months, but I love getting back to my book worm side.
  25. Our photographer and our engagement photos. 😍Ben and I were going through a hard time during those and you’d be amazed how much that one hour brought us closer together!
  26. Continuing on my gluten-free diet. In my 30th year, I became even more strict with the diet and have only eaten gluten on accident. I don’t miss it (usually) and I love how much it’s helped. Now, in my 31st year – to find out what else is messing with my health!
  27. Walking to work. I’m sad that I can’t do it during the winter as much, but it was something I really pushed into my life in my 30th year and it made me so happy. That hour of time by myself, with my podcasts really set me up for the day!
  28. Journaling almost every day has made such a difference in my life. I love to write, plus I think a lot, so getting things out on paper has been life-changing.
  29. I almost forgot one of the most life-changing ones yet – MEDITATION! Seriously, 10-minutes of meditation a day has changed me in SO many ways – all positive.
  30. Making myself a priority.

And those are my 30! Make sure to tell me what you’re grateful for in the comments below!

Non-Toxic Winter Night Time Routine

Happy Monday, friends! How was your weekend? I had my flu redevelop or something because I was stuck basically on the couch the entire weekend feeling like butt. Hoping it clears up a bit more this week.

But anyway, that’s not what today’s post is about! Instead today I’m pointing you over to my YouTube channel to take a look at my night time routine using Beautycounter.

Honestly I wasn’t doing any sort of “night time routine” before I found Beautycounter – I was one of “those girls” that barely used lotion.  I was always afraid it’d mess with my acne. The routine also shows a bit of my night, so I hope you’ll head over to see what I use to settle down at night!

REAL Winter Night Time Routine | Non-Toxic Beautycounter Products

Who else feels victimized by winter? My skin sure does! Here’s my quick and easy night time routine using Beautycounter, the non-toxic skincare I love! Beautcounter: https://www.beautycounter.com/jessiedeschane Instagram: www.instagram.com/jessiedeschane Blog: Justjessieblog.com

What does your night time routine consist of? 

Chronically Healing Podcast Ep. 8 – My 2019 Health Goals & Intentions

Chronically Healing Podcast Ep. 8 – My 2019 Health Goals & Intentions

The podcast is back! 🎉This short episode is all about the top three health intentions I have for 2019. Some of them might surprise you!

If you’re living with Hashimoto’s or any chronic illness, I’d love for you to listen in and subscribe!

Listen to the podcast:

Ep. 8 – My 2019 Heath Intentions

Today’s episode is all about my top 3 goals for my health in 2019! — Are there things you’d like to hear on this podcast? Email me: jessie@jessiedeschane.com Mentioned in the episode: Dr. Jolene Brighten:www.instagram.com/drjolenebrighten Empowered Autoimmune: www.instagram.com/empoweredautoimmune — Blog: www.justjessieblog.com Instagram: www.instagram.com/jessiedeschane Beautycounter: www.beautycounter.com/jessiedeschane   

Subscribe to the Podcast on Itunes!

In today’s episode we chat about … 

  • My top three intentions for the year, including hormonal health
  • How 2018 went for me “health-wise”
  • Where this podcast is going

Links and things …

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January 2019: Chronic Illness Health & Wellness Update

Wednesday, Hump Day, woohoo! Who else is ready for the weekend? After two weekends away from home, I’m ready to be home “mostly” this weekend. But alas… we’ve still got a couple days to go.

Today I wanted to give you a short little update on my health & wellness – basically all things Hashimoto’s, weight loss, etc.

About a month ago, I wrote this post all about some lifestyle changes I’m making for my Hashimoto’s. I’m still on the road to healing with my Hashimoto’s coach, working with a doctor and trying to cut out dairy, which is more difficult than I thought.

Hashimto's Update - Lifestyle Changes

Weight Loss

So when it comes to weight loss, I haven’t had any – that I know of, haha! I dropped about 7-10 lbs of pure bloat and puffiness when my  thyroid meds were fixed, but since then, I’ve been stuck at about 15 lbs higher than I’d like to be. But as much as I wanna look bangin’ in my wedding dress, I’m much more focused (so is Ben) on being healthy in that wedding dress. Or anytime, really. I’m making a few more changes and now that my bachelorette party is over, I really need to hone in on the no dairy, no gluten, no soy, eat organic stuff now. I’m getting better by the day, but I’ve got a lot of work to do!


As you read previously, my diet isn’t going “well” but it’s also not going “bad.” I actually just did a beet transit test (betcha didn’t want to hear about that!) so I can continue to figure out which foods really mess with my gut. I’ve also been trying to talk myself back into exercise, but it’s going slowly.  My body can only handle about 30 minutes of working out right now, and that’s okay! I just need to get better at working out in the morning or at night.

Hormonal Health

The biggest thing I’m working on is deciding if I should get my Mirena IUD taken out. Nope, not for kiddos – but instead because I think it’s messing with my body. Hormonal birth control could also be a root cause of my illness. I’ve been on hormonal BC since I was 16. That’s right folks, almost 15 years of hormones masking things I probably don’t even know about. I’m hoping to make a decision on this by the end of January. Basically I’m deciding when I’m doing this – before, or after the wedding.


I’m continuing to journal and meditate daily. I also spend as much time as I can away from my desk at lunch time during the week to journal or plan in my planner. I’ve been spending less time on my phone (I suck the most at this one) and I’m trying to drink as much water as possible. It’s a continuous work in progress, you know?

My Top 3 Favorite Beautycounter Skincare Products

Hi friends!

As y’all know, about a year ago I started really stepping up my health and paying attention to what I’m putting in and ON my body. One of the first things I did was switch over my skincare (which wasn’t difficult – I was barely using skincare) to Beautycounter.

My Top 3 Favorite Beautycounter Skincare ProductsI’ll be honest – I don’t use ALL of Beautycounter’s products, but I do have some favorites. So does Ben, actually – he’s been using a lot of the Counterman products!

Favorite #1: Overnight Resurfacing Peel

This has changed my life. I only use it maybe twice a week (which is good, because it’s not cheap!) but I’ve noticed HUGE changes in my skin. My skin is softer, my red spots disappeared and my acne scars are almost unnoticeable.

Favorite #2: No. 1 Brightening Facial Oil

I love this facial oil! I usually use it in the morning with my jade roller and it feels sooooo good! And don’t be afraid of oil – even if you have oily skin, this thing is BOMB!

Favorite #3: No. 3 Balancing Facial Mask

I use this once a week and it pulls ALL of the nastiness out of my face. Makeup, clogged pores, etc. – be gone!

I wanted to keep this short and sweet, so definitely throw a comment down below or send me a message if you have any questions on which Beautycounter products would be best for you. And if you’d love to support me through Beautycounter, you can find my website here!

What’s your favorite brand for skincare?

Surprise Bachelorette Party in San Diego

Happy Wednesday, everyone! How’s your week been so far? I’m slowwwwwwly getting back into the swing of things after my SURPRISE bachelorette party in … San Diego!

Surprise Bachelorette Party in San Diego(If you’d like to see some of the fun we had in action, head over to my Instagram highlights under “Bachelorette.”)

Last Thursday, I drove up to the Milwaukee airport to meet my sister, Jenny, and friend, Michelle. Once there, they continued to keep the secret until we had to go through security. They had me go through a Harry Potter bingo deck to find the “hidden letters” of the city we were going to which turned out to be one of my favorite cities EVER – San Diego!

After a quick and uneventful flight to the best coast, we landed around 2 and waited for my friend Saige to get in (who was flying a different airline.) We grabbed our rental car and headed to our Air BnB! We stayed a little north of the city in a cute little spot and headed out to grab a late lunch.

Once back at the Air BnB, they fancied up our space with bachelorette fun and we ran to Target before heading to dinner at Puesto right on the water. I was surprised with a little video from my friend Marette who bought me dinner even though she couldn’t be there! ❤️

Surprise Bachelorette Party in San DiegoAfter dinner, we spent the night opening some fun gifts (sloth onesies, anyone??) and watching a video that Ben made me. ❤️So much fun!

Surprise Bachelorette Party in San DiegoOn Friday, my surprises started with a quick pit stop at Communal Coffee (when I move to San Diego, I want to go there every day – fresh flowers AND coffee??) before heading to Aww Day Spa for LITERALLY the best massage of my life. They even gave us some mimosas and let us hang out in a little room together.

Surprise Bachelorette Party in San Diego Surprise Bachelorette Party in San DiegoAfter the wonderful massage, we headed out of the city a bit for lunch at Crushed (hands down the best food I had there.) I had fish tacos and a mimosa flight – YUM!

Surprise Bachelorette Party in San DiegoOnce our late brunch was over, we headed up to my next surprise – a walk around La Jolla, one of my favorite places in California! It was wonderful.

Surprise Bachelorette Party in San Diego Surprise Bachelorette Party in San Diego Surprise Bachelorette Party in San DiegoWe had dinner reservations at CucinaUrbana before heading to a fun little improv comedy night.. What a fun day!

On Saturday we woke up to a pretty dreary day, but that didn’t stop us. It was a slower planned day without any surprises, so we grabbed a quick breakfast/coffee at the little waffle shop, Atypical Waffle, our Air BnB was attached to. Mine has candied bacon, goat cheese and avocado – omg yum.

Surprise Bachelorette Party in San DiegoWe decided to hang out at the Air BnB for awhile to chat before we went off to the farmers market in downtown San Diego to walk around. We stopped for a quick lunch at Salud for tacos and a chips and salsa bar (my friends know me so well.) We spent the rest of the afternoon at the Air BnB before we got ready for our big bachelorette night out – haha!

Surprise Bachelorette Party in San DiegoOur dinner reservations were at Full Moon Sushi, so we all got nice and dressed up to grab a couple of rolls and drinks. We then stopped at a Alice in Wonderland themed bar, but there was no where to sit so after our drink, we headed on over to another bar for a quick drink before calling it a night. Unfortunately everyone was a bit wiped (except me, LOL!) from the weekend’s activities, so we headed back to the Air BnB.

Surprise Bachelorette Party in San DiegoCan we also talk about how my 8-month pregnant MOH flew out to San Diego and planned most of the weekend? WHOA.

Sunday was mostly a travel day, so we grabbed a coffee before heading to the airport. Our flight was a bit bumpy and I didn’t eat all day, so by the time I got home at 10 pm, I was WIPED! What a wonderful weekend, though – totally worth the wiped!

There you have it! What do you think? If you’ve had a bachelorette, where was yours? If you haven’t, what’s your dream location or things to do?

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Day in the Life: The Last Day of 2018

Happy Monday, friends! I actually wrote this post last Monday but since I just got in late last night from my bachelorette party (!!) I wanted to be sure I had a post scheduled for today. (P.S. I’ll have anything linked throughout just in case you’re interested.)

Today I’m taking you through a random Monday-in-my-life. This was a bit different than normal because 90% of Chicagoans were NOT working on NYE Day, so it was quite slow in the city. Because of that, once I got my work done, I was able to take off a bit early.

6 am: Woke up with Ben’s alarm today and immediately took my Hashimoto’s medications. Normally I’ve been sleeping in until 6:45ish, but I wasn’t having the best sleep the past few days due to the flu. So, I laid around in bed for 20 minutes before finally getting up.

Day in the Life: The Last Day of 20186:30-7 am: During this time I did my little morning routine – I journaled and meditated for 10-minutes. Because I’m sleep-deprived, the meditation was more difficult than normal, so I honestly opened my eyes about halfway through and just listened to the rest of the meditation. It’s all a practice!

7-8:20 am: Nothing exciting here, just getting ready for work! Since today was going to be a slow one, I popped on a comfy Harry Potter sweater my sister got me, some Athleta leggings and short pink Hunter rain boots before calling it a day. I ate a quick breakfast of dinner’s leftovers (I’m weird, I know) before heading out the door to wait for the bus.

8:35-9 am: Commute to work. Since the roads are quite clear today, our bus driver was just taking her time (which was fine by me!) so I enjoyed an almost-empty bus ride to work.

9-10 am: I spent this time adding in all my follower, engagement and revenue numbers to our weekly spreadsheet before going into moderation mode. Since it’s a Monday and I’ve been offline all weekend, there’s usually a bit more to go through. First Facebook ad comments, then checking all other mentions/comments in Sprout, then looking through the forum. Finally popped into our Instagram DMs before calling it quits on moderation until this afternoon.

This was actually a recommendation from my boss. I found myself jumping in and out of moderating our social all day. Instead, I take a large chunk of time twice a day to moderate now and it’s made my day so much more efficient!

10-11 am: Grabbed my (second) cup of coffee for the day because I’m dragging. That 5 hours of sleep is catching up to me. I worked on some 2019 planning for work while sippin’ on my coffee and listening to the rain outside. I spent some time looking up conferences and trainings I’d like to do in 2019 + any new products I’d like to use (liked a business version of Sprout and a pro version of Linktree.)

11 am – Noon: I walked (in the pouring rain – eew) to Qdoba for the LAST TIME for awhile. I’m taking some huge steps with my budget in 2019 and cutting out going to lunch by myself during the week. I honestly didn’t even want to go today, but we’re running low on food before I leave for my bachelorette party!! Took about 30-minutes both ways to walk there and back, then ate at my office while reading some emails and finishing up my second round of moderation for the day since I’m leaving early.

Noon – 1 pm: Finished up some work while listening to some budgeting videos (I’m seriously obsessed right now.) Feeling suuuuuuper sleepy which my coffee stopped working!!

 1 pm – 2 pm: Walked to Ulta from my office and picked up some makeup. I’m getting a spray tan tomorrow, so my normal stuff will NOT match haha! After that, I hopped on the bus and went a couple stops past my apartment to run into DSW to find some shoes for my bachelorette party. I found some cute ones (I still need to try them on with the dress to make sure I like them) and Ben *graciously* picked me up so I didn’t have to walk the 7 minutes in the rain. The heels I picked up were Jessica Simpson sparkly heels and I got It Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness that I use as full foundation when I’m “tan” from Ulta.

2 – 5 pm: This is all kinda scattered! I got home, played with Cora and chatted with Ben about a mastermind I really want to join, but I don’t think I can do financially right now. I also got my new planner (!!) in the mail and started filling that in while watching a quick YouTube video.

Day in the Life: The Last Day of 2018

Day in the Life: The Last Day of 20185 – 7 pm: I ate a quick dinner of turkey taco meat + a few chips before getting ready to go. Thankfully the party we were off to for NYE was a pajamas + board games night, so I didn’t have to do much. 😉

7 – Midnight: Had a great time with friends! We played tons of games, didn’t drink (well, Ben and I didn’t) and had a wonderful time! I really love my friend Saige and all of the people she’s introduced us to – so grateful!

Hope your 2019 is going wonderfully so far!

Quick Friday Update

Hi friends! Couple of updates for ya…

If you’re not already, follow me on Instagram! I’m currently living it up at my bachelorette party in an undisclosed location (I’m writing this before I leave so I still don’t know where I’m going for sure!) so make sure to follow along on stories over there! You can click the link above or search for me – Jessie Deschane!

I’ve resurrected my YouTube channel! Don’t worry – my blog will stay the same, but I may link to my YT channel from time-to-time if you’d like to SEE me talk, instead of read. 😉 My goal is to get 10,000 subscribers this year – that’s a big feat because I have less than 300. SO we’ll see if I can do it. 🙂 Subscribe if you haven’t already!

Life Update: Where Have I Been?

Whoa, it’s been awhile! But YouTube, I’M BACK! Come back for videos every Wednesday and Saturday. Missed y’all so much! Blog: www.justjessieblog.com Instagram: www.instagram.com/jessiedeschane Photo credit: Grey Garden Creative

I’ve created a newsletter! FINALLY! I still don’t know what all I’m doing with it (lol – full transparency) but I’d love if you signed up! The link is on the right side of my blog at all times, otherwise you can click here. I’m planning to give tips for blogging and social media, plus little special pieces of content! Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to hear about on my e-newsletter!

And here’s a pic of Cora for some happiness 😉

Quick Friday UpdateHope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Wedding Update: January 2019

Happy Wednesday, friends! Hope you all had a wonderful New Year – can’t wait to see what’s in store for all of you. ❤️

So, I’ve gotten a question or two (mostly from family) wondering what’s been going on with the wedding. I haven’t really been chatting about it and I think the last post I did was back in October. Here’s why:

Over the summer, Ben ended up getting pretty sick (you can listen to that on our podcast here.) I also was going through a flare (thanks, Doctor…) during the same time so things were rocky – in our health, relationship and financially. Since then we’ve worked hard on ourselves, what’s important to us and what isn’t a priority. While the wedding is priority, it’s not worth the stress and $$$ it was costing us. We decided to take all of December off from wedding planning and I think it was really, really useful to both of us.

Wedding Update - JanuaryWe decided to move our wedding up to my family’s land in Wisconsin and we couldn’t be more excited. We rented some cabins on the lake for our wedding party and most of our family and friends coming from Chicago have rented their spaces. As of now we do have a few big things to do yet, but for the most part, it’s nothing ridiculous.

Here’s the things we need to figure out in the next few months:

  • Bridesmaids dresses purchased
  • Ben & groomsmen gear
  • Food + alcohol
  • Tables + chairs
  • My dress alterations
  • Any other decorations we’d like
  • Wedding coordinator and help (this is the good thing with having family up there that can flip everything 😆)
  • Ben’s ring (I’m currently not getting a ring. 1, for financial reasons and 2, because Ben had the band specially made on my ring and I don’t want it to be covered up by another band)

What we’ve got:

  • My dress
  • Benches for the ceremony (my dad will build)
  • Some decor for the ceremony (my dad/mom)
  • Bridesmaid dresses picked out
  • Bathrooms (it is in a barn, ya know)
  • Beer (my dad)
  • Photographer
  • Save the dates!
  • Invitations of some sort – I haven’t decided if we’ll do them all online or not. If we do a sent invite, all RSVPs will be done online to save $$ and honestly, who has time to go buy all those stamps and stuff? It’s 2019 (WHOA) – people can figure out how to RSVP online

I’m actually proud of myself for how *not stressed* I am about it. Taking some time off and really remembering what this wedding is about (not all the decor… the food… etc.) put things in perspective for me and I’m oh-so-grateful for that.

Anything I’m missing on my list? How did you plan your wedding?

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What I’m Looking Forward to in 2019

Happy Monday, y’all! Who here is working? 🙋🏼‍♀️I am, but I’m not too mad about it because I have the rest of the week off and just a short day today!

Also, can you believe tomorrow is 2019 – TOMORROW, FRIENDS. Like how is this even happening.

I really think 2019 is going to be the best year yet. 2018 was fun, but definitely became quite the struggle around July, so I’m looking forward to moving forward into 2019. Here are a few things I’m looking forward to, but definitely let me know what’s going on in YOUR life in 2019!!

What I'm Looking Forward to in 2019
Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

Surprise Bachelorette Party – January

Seriously, friends. This is ON THURSDAY! I still don’t know where we’re going. Now, I’ll be the first to say, I’m REALLY good at figuring things out, so I have a pretty good guess BUT we’ll see if I’m right or not! Make sure to follow along on my Instagram as I’ll be putting up little posts here and there as I can! SO much thanks goes out to my girls that are able to make the weekend and did all the planning – Jenny, Saige & Michelle – I love ya!

Saving Money – All Year

I’m actually, truly excited about this one. I’ll admit it – I’m actually really not great with money. Every year I *thankfully* make more money, yet I still live paycheck-to-paycheck and struggle with almost $85,000 in debt. Yep, I said it. Most of that is student loans and my car loan, but some of that is also stupidity with credit cards recently and when I was younger, living in Milwaukee by myself. Let me know if you’d like to know more about how I’m decreasing my debt this year and I’ll write a post about it!

To start, I wrote out all of my debt the other day and forgave myself. Most of that debt brought great things into my life and there’s no use in feeling bad about it. Now is the time to accept it for what it is and put a game plan together! My lofty goal is to pay off a third of it this year! A few of my points below will help me get there.

Turning 31 – January

Honestly, I was so terrified of turning 30, but now I’m so excited to turn 31. 30 was a hard year for me and for my little family. It almost broke us. But I feel so happy and healthy moving into 31 and I know it’ll be the best year yet!

Continuing to work at my FT Job – Maybe All Year?

I know, I actually *like* my full-time job! I have one of the most intense, but most supportive and motivating bosses I’ve ever had. She has my back 100%, pushes me and trusts in my decisions. I love our little marketing team and I’m much more suited for a smaller company, compared to the last two I was at. I really enjoy this job and while I don’t believe I’ll be there forever (because I wanna be my own boss!) I’m so grateful for this experience right now.

Continuing to build my business(es) – All Year

This year I plan to focus in on my business – like actually. It helps that I have a full-time job that doesn’t drain me to my core, but I really want to get back into writing on this blog as much as possible, plus building my YouTube and Instagram. I also might bring on a few social media clients in the following year and build toward being entirely remote. And I’m thinking of joining a mastermind, so stay tuned! And finally, I want to put more focus into my Beautycounter business. I’m so passionate about getting healthier and Beautycounter has helped me so much! Check out my recent post on my 2019 Goals for more info.


HOLY CANNOLI! June will be here before we know it. The wedding has taken a backseat while we’ve dealt with health and financial issues over the past month and it’s really come into perspective what is ACTUALLY important. Our wedding will be fun, beautiful and chill – which take a lot of pressure off of both Ben and I. Starting to get so pumped!

Getting Healthier – All Year

Always working on my health! This year I hope to continue to knock down my Hashimotos symptoms and take a serious look at my hormonal health. I had a breast cancer scare a few months ago that has to continue to be monitored + I’m about 100% sure that the hormonal birth control I’ve been on for 15 years (yep, seriously) is knocking me down. So I want to put as much into that as I can.

Travel + Weddings – All Year

I love to travel and while it might not be a full priority this year, I’m hoping to get some in! I know we’re going somewhere warm-ish very soon for my bachelorette party and then to Nashville in July for Ben’s friend’s wedding. I might also have a travel or two to LA if I join the mastermind I’m thinking of joining. We shall see!

My Bestie Having a Baby 😭- March-ish

And finally, I’M SO EXCITED MY BEST FRIEND SAIGE IS HAVING A BABY! She’s going to be the greatest mom and I can’t wait to meet the little cutie. ❤️