Weekend Recap: Two Year Anniversary

Happy Monday, everyone! How was your weekend? Tell me about it in the comments!

This past week/weekend was crazy! I was in Green Bay from Wednesday-Friday, and then drove back to the city. My sister, dad and I went and saw Trans-Siberian Orchestra, one of my most favorite things ever.

After I got some work done on Friday, Ben and I hung out on the couch and played this new game together while cuddling with Cora. Super chill night!

Weekend Recap: Two Year Anniversary

That’s Ben’s man hand, btw – not mine. 😆

Saturday morning I slept in a bit before heading to workout with Ben at his gym – I’m trying to get back into it! We stopped at Target quick and then spent the afternoon just relaxing.

Weekend Recap: Two Year AnniversaryWe headed out around 4 pm to Headquarter Beercade to play some games…

Weekend Recap: Two Year Anniversary… before heading to Gemini for our anniversary dinner. If I’m honest, I chose Gemini strictly because I love astrology (HA!) but it turned out being amazing.

I had gluten free nachos and I was a little worried they’d be too small, but it ended up being great. I did have maybe a couple too many drinks, though. 😉

After Gemini, we went to Target AGAIN (I had a hankering for a snack, so maybe those nachos didn’t hold me over.) And then we went home and watched Incredibles 2.

On Sunday, we headed over to Werewolf Coffee to get some work done. Of course, I fell into the Instagram trap and bought the charcoal latte because HELLO GLITTER.

Weekend Recap: Two Year Anniversary Weekend Recap: Two Year AnniversaryBut, if I’m honest, it wasn’t very good. I drank maybe 1/3 of it. Plus, the lady at the counter was super rude so I don’t think this will be a coffee shop we’re coming back to.

While we were there, I started this blog post and got some client work done for my social media client. I also popped into my full-time job’s email a bit to get some Google Analytics numbers updated for our meeting tomorrow morning. I’d rather do it today than head to work early on a Monday!

The rest of the afternoon was spent cleaning up the house and FINALLY hanging a bunch of our photos and stuff. My little coffee station is up and running, so I’ll have to take some photos and put up a blog about that soon!

After some cleaning and arranging, Ben and I both popped out our computers and got to work. I’ve been using Planoly to schedule my / my client’s Instagram content, but I’m struggling to decide if I should start another Instagram account for my social media business. What do y’all think?

Now off to the week – I’ve definitely had some serious Sunday scaries today, so hopefully this week goes well! I’ve thankfully filled my week with some funness – like dinner with my friend tonight and therapy tomorrow night. Can’t wait! What does your week look like?

How to Create Fun, Inexpensive Save the Date Postcards

Happy Friday, friends! The last few days have been a bit strange since I’m hanging out in Green Bay instead of down in Chicago. I went to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra with my sister and Dad on Wednesday night which was amazing, as always! On Thursday I worked remote before heading out to see The Crimes of Grindelwald with my sister for opening night. Today I’ll be working from home again before heading back to Chicago tomorrow morning (unless I changed my mind midday and stnuck back to Chicago!

Anyways, that’s not what today’s post is about. Today we’re chatting about Save the Dates. Now, if you’re not getting married – stick with me. I had such a quick and easy experience with Zazzle and I’m sure you’ll have a use for invitations at some point, right? Dog party invites, maybe? 😉

P.S This post isn’t sponsored at all (though Zazzle, holllllla at me if you’d like to for my wedding invites LOL) – I just had such a great experience that I wanted to show you how they turned out.

Once we got our Save the Dates, I immediately started researching the cheapest, yet most beautiful way to make save the dates. Since Ben and I are now being VERY money conscious for our wedding, I wanted to keep the prices as low as possible. Thankfully our engagement photos from Rachael were so amazing that anything would’ve looked great!

Once I decided on Zazzle, I picked out one of their HUNDREDS of pre-made designs and stuck my favorite photo in. I quickly edited the front with our names and date – easy peasy.

How to Create Fun, Inexpensive Save the Date PostcardsOnce that was finished, I moved on to the backside of the postcard. I absolutely loved the way the return address was in the middle. I obviously blocked out our address, but kept in Chicago, IL so you could see what I mean. Loved it!

How to Create Fun, Inexpensive Save the Date Postcards

SO EASY – and I found a coupon code on their website (they’re always running sales) and my ~90+ invites were only $80 with tax and free shipping!

They came almost exactly a week later and look beautiful!

How to Create Fun, Inexpensive Save the Date Postcards

And, you know me… I immediately addressed them that night and would’ve sent them out if I could have! But we had ordered stamps on Amazon, so they took a little bit longer, so we sent them out on Tuesday!

What type of party invites or save the dates to you like? I love the ones like we chose that are SUPER simple with a beautiful picture.

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Fall Clothing Haul

Happy Wednesday, friends! As you read this, I’m on my way “up north” to Green Bay to go to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert with my family and then go see the Crimes of Grindelwald movie with my sister. I’ll be working remote Thursday/Friday (grateful for a job that lets me do that!) What’s going on for you this week?

Okay, so clothing haul time. I decided it was about time to start purchasing some nice fall/winter clothing now that I can:

  1. No longer ignore the impending doom that is winter
  2. No longer pretend that I weigh 25 lbs less than I do
  3. All of my leggings and cardigans were so old they had holes in them

I’ve picked up a few pieces throughout the last month or two and I thought I’d share them with you! I needed to get some staples which in Chicago means leggings, boots and warm tops. A lot of these came from Trunk Club, but I’ve also linked pieces for you that are similar!

The first outfit is actually what I wore for one of my engagement photos. The only thing that’s not new are the boots. I’m wearing my new Align Lululemon leggings (in 7/8 length because #short), a flowy white tank from Target and this beautiful green cardigan. I couldn’t find the link on ShopStyleCollective (links below) for the green cardigan, so here it is. IT’S AMAZING AND SUPER SOFT! P.S. I’m also newly in love with the store it’s from.

Fall Clothing HaulHere’s the outfit again with my Spanx leggings that I bought last Black Friday on super sale and new boots from DSW (linked below and less than $60!)

Fall Clothing HaulThe next outfit is this brand new pink/purple sweater from Target. SUPER soft and affordable. I have it paid with my Nordstrom leggings (under $30 linked below) and one of the long white tees that I got from either Target or Nordstrom (I have two!) I’m also wearing my awesome booties from Nordstrom that I got in my Trunk Club last month! Super comfortable and flattering, even for us shorties.

Fall Clothing HaulAnd here’s that same outfit with my blue sweater!

Fall Clothing HaulNext up is this BEAUTIFUL red sweater … but I haven’t quite found pants to wear with this. It’s pretty short and the jeans I’m wearing with it are a bit too low-rise for it. But I can’t wait to wear it more! I’m wearing it with a normal bra here, but I’ll probably end up wearing it with a bralette or something!

Fall Clothing HaulDon’t mind the dog hair LOL!

Next is this black ruched dress. This one is a *little* tight, but I’m pushing it in the “Small” category right now. I also have this same dress from last year in grey and wore it all the time. I paired it with my new scarf and those same booties.

Fall Clothing HaulI’m also showing you this white-ish turtleneck that I got from Stitch Fix. Unfortunately you can’t find SF clothes online usually, but to be honest, it’s not my favorite purchase. I honestly only bought it because I had to buy “something” not to lose my styling fee. I think I’m going to stick with Trunk Club moving forward – I really haven’t been loving SF! Oh, and I’m also wearing some comfy jeans from Nordstrom!

Here are the links if you’re interested in any pieces! 

Fall Engagement Photos

I cannot even tell you how in love I am with our engagement photos. They turned out perfectly. Please know that all credit goes to the beautiful Rachael over at Grey Garden Creative. If you have a wedding or event coming up, I can’t recommend her more. And just an FYI for all y’all outside of Chicago – she will travel!

For our shoot, I showed Rachael my Pinterest board for inspiration and she took it to a whole new level! We went out to Busse Woods in the western suburbs of Chicago around 4:30 pm in mid-October and couldn’t have picked a better time. There was SO much natural beauty and light, and Rachael knew exactly what to do!

Since I can’t upload all 180 photos 😍 I’ll upload a bunch from each of the three areas we did. Let me know what you think!

Fall Engagement Photos

Fall Engagement Photos Fall Engagement Photos Fall Engagement Photos Fall Engagement Photos Fall Engagement Photos Fall Engagement Photos Fall Engagement Photos Fall Engagement Photos Fall Engagement Photos Fall Engagement Photos Fall Engagement Photos Fall Engagement Photos Fall Engagement Photos Fall Engagement Photos Fall Engagement Photos Fall Engagement Photos Fall Engagement Photos Fall Engagement Photos Fall Engagement Photos Fall Engagement Photos

*All rights to these photos are with Grey Garden Creative and Just Jessie Blog. Please do not share without permission.*

My Weekly Evening Routine

Earlier this week I talked to all of you about my morning routine during the week, so I thought it was only fair to tell you about my evening routine. 🙂

Obviously every night is different, unlike my morning routine which tends to stay the same, but here’s a quick example!

5 pm: Done with work! I normally would take the bus home now that it’s cold out, but I’m heading to a therapy appointment so I get to take the train. I walk the couple blocks to the Blue Line stop and head on out.

5:25 pm: Get to the neighborhood, but I’m early. I stopped at one of my favorite restaurants, Opart Thai, and order some food + a glass of wine. I mean, why not?

My Weekly Evening Routine6 pm: Therapy time!

My Weekly Evening Routine7 pm: Hopped in a Lyft home and then said hey to Cora before quickly jumping into my workout clothes before I could change my mind.

7:45 pm: Finished my workout, woo! I don’t love working out at night, but I just haven’t been able to get up earlier in the mornings and I want to lose weight SO BAD. I did about a 25-30 minute lifting session – nothing too crazy, but I got it in.

My Weekly Evening Routine8 pm: Shower quick & then head to the couch to hang out with Ben. Usually we’ll watch a show together or read, but I was filling out some paperwork for a thyroid specialist I have a video call with on Monday. We were obsessed with Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown show on Netflix for months and months, but we’ve officially made it through every show.

1o pm: Get ready for bed and head there! We’ve been trying to go to bed earlier, but tonight we were chatting about all kinds of stuff. I don’t think I fell asleep until almost 11, which is late for me now. If it was my choice, though, I’d go to bed around 11 and get up around 7 but currently I’m working on someone else’s clock, so it’s a little earlier for me!

And that’s my super chill night routine! How do you chill out at the end of the night?

My Weekly Morning Routine

Happy Wednesday! How’s your week going so far? I’ve been having a great week so far – at least the after work parts. 😉 But one of the reasons my week has been going great is because I make my morning routine a priority. I’ve talked about this on the podcast, but if you didn’t listen in, here’s how it goes!

6 am: Alarm goes off. Let me tell you… Daylight Savings has helped this! I was actually awake at 5:45, but I didn’t want to get up. I’ve been trying to get back into working out or SOME sort of movement, so this morning I did 15-minutes of yoga in my living room while the sun was rising.

6:15 am: Quickly take Cora outside to do her business, and then back to the apartment! Cora and I both head to the couch to cuddle, drink my coffee and write in my journal. Journaling has been HUGE for me the last few months. I need to get a new journal – I’m almost through with it!

My Weekly Morning RoutineIn my journal, I free write for as long as I’d like, then I write 10 things I’m grateful for and 10 things I need to get done that day. Some things are like “laundry” and others are ” be kind to yourself.”

6:45 am: Meditate for 10-minutes. I really struggled this morning… I could not keep my attention fixated, but I tried and that’s all that matters!

My Weekly Morning Routine7:00 am: Ben gets up and I start getting ready for work! It’s supposed to be kind of dreary out today, so I put on a sweater dress, tights and boots and then put on my makeup. I had all these intentions to do my hair, but I whip it up into a bun instead. Chicago is cooling down PLUS I’ve gained so, so much weight that I have very minimal clothing to go through. Soon that won’t be the case! #weightlossbettergetherenow

7:15 am: Usually my phone beeps at me that I need to schedule content for my social media client on Instagram and Facebook, so I take a few minutes to get that going.

7:30 am: Start putting my breakfast together. Normally I’d also pack my lunch, but we’re low on food so I decide I’ll treat myself to a Monday lunch out at work today.

8:00 am: Start my walk to work – it takes about 45 minutes! If it’s super cold or rainy, I take the bus which is about 30 minutes. Normally I leave a little later, but we have a weekly marketing meeting at 9 am every Monday, so I make sure I’m there on time and have time to grab another coffee.

My Weekly Morning RoutineNice day, huh 😆

On my way in, I drop our mail-in ballots in the mailbox and off I go!

My Weekly Morning Routine9 am: Time for work!

What does your morning routine look like?

October 2018 Favorites

I’m still in disbelief that it’s November. Anyone else? Plus, this month is going to FLY for me. Since I now work for an e-commerce store, I’m focused on promos for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, plus I’m making a small trip up to Green Bay this month to hang out with the fam. AND it’s Ben and my two-year dating anniversary coming up! So lots going on this month!

However, October ended up being one of my best months this year. Here are a few of my favorites:

Favorite #1: Changing the wedding

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you that have reached out regarding our wedding! We’ve actually gotten quite a bit done this month since switching the wedding around, and we’re super pumped.

Favorite #2: GOOD health updates

My thyroid levels have evened out (making me feel a LOT better) and Ben has been handling his treatment super well. We’ve had a healthy month, which is wonderful after a few months of not-so-healthy in a row!

Favorite #3: Trip to Michigan

Guys, this trip to Michigan was at the BEST timing (although we’re still finding wood ticks on Cora… eew.) It was SO gorgeous up there and so nice for the three of us to get away from the city for awhile. Much needed.

Favorite #4: This awesome sherpa jacket from Abercrombie

I’ll be doing a WHOLE post on my Fall/Winter haul of clothing I’ve done in the last few months, but this jacket is one of my faves. It’s so comfy, plus I got it on major sale. And the Sherpa lining? 😍 Check it out here.

Favorite #5: Coaching with Amy & therapy

I’m back to coaching with the coach love of my life, Amy Young! She’s seriously the best, and I’ll be working with her about once a month. Plus, I’ve been seeing a therapist for the last month or so and I’m just loving all of the self-healing and development I’m doing. I did take a break from business coaching, only because I think I need to focus on starting my own business in a new way.

EXTRA Favorite #6: Our engagement shoot!

GUYS GUYS THE PHOTOS CAME IN! I’ll be doing a full post on this soon but OMG seriously check out my photographer, Rachael – she’s the best in the entire world. I’m so freakin’ excited!

October 2018 Favorites

What are some of your faves this year?

How 10-Minutes of Meditation Changed My Life

How 10-Minutes of Meditation Changed My LifeOn Tuesday I hit quite the milestone – 90-days straight of meditation.

How 10-Minutes of Meditation Changed My Life

And meditation has changed my life.

Now, I’m not going to tell you to do a 10-day silent meditation retreat. I’m not going to tell you to sit in a corner in the quiet for an hour twice a day. I’m not going to tell you to “shut your brain off” because really, none of that is meditation… at least not for me.

I do the Calm app’s 10-minute daily meditation every day. Some days I do another meditation at night if I need one, but usually it’s 10-minutes a day. And the changes I’ve noticed in my life are worth it.

I’m a self-proclaimed busy-minded person. I have about 1400 lists, I’m constantly thinking about 100 things, I lose my train of thought all the time because I am thinking too much. So when I sit down to meditate, does my brain shut up?


But here’s what does happen. I am AWARE that my brain is going haywire. I’m also aware that I’m feeling a buzzing in my leg or my breaths are shorter than normal. I’m aware of how happy and grateful I’m feeling, or how overwhelmed and sad I’m feeling. Sometimes I have deeper meditations where I come out feeling super relaxed… but usually? I come out having paid attention to myself for 10-minutes and listened to a heartwarming message from a soothing app.

Meditation doesn’t have to be sitting on a yoga mat, OMMing with Buddha statues and crystals surrounding you. Your mind doesn’t have to shut of – it doesn’t even have to quiet. What it is is a practice of paying attention to yourself – your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions – without judgement. And I think that’s a pretty spectacular thing.

The changes I’ve noticed in my life have been quiet substantial. Here’s a few:

  • When I’m walking to work, I remind myself to be present from time to time. I look at the trees I walk past. I smile at the person I see. I feel the cool air on my face.
  • One of the qualities about myself that I’m consistently working on is my patience – or lack thereof. In the last 90-days, I’ve noticed substantial differences. In traffic, I’m able to just BE – without flipping out or cursing someone out because they’re moving too slow (well, at least I’m getting better at this, lol.) When I’m feeling frustrated or impatient it’s usually because I’m focused on what I need to be doing in the future and how this present moment is slowing that down. But that’s what’s important. I want to be more aware of every moment, instead of letting them slip by as I focus on getting to ALL THE THINGS.
  • The biggest one here? Flying. I have an extreme phobia of flying. I cry, have nightmares and panic attacks for days leading up to the flight. I get sick the entire night before and morning of flights. I’ve had multiple panic attacks (or almost panic attacks) on planes, trying to keep quiet so I don’t disturb anyone. In September, I flew to New York by myself and I did some extra meditations. Once on the flight, I turned on the soothing meditation music that the Calm app has and literally focused on my breathing. That’s it. I focused on counting in my in-breath for 5 and out-breath for 5. When I felt panic start to resume, I really, really, really focused on counting. I felt my feet on the floor of the plane. I felt my body continue to feel scared, but I felt into it instead trying to hide it. And you know what? I didn’t panic. I didn’t get sick. I actually enjoyed the flight and was grateful to have a way to see the world.

I’m telling, you 10-minutes of meditation has changed my life. I intend to increase my amounts and look into meditation retreats, but that’s after 90+ days of meditation and seeing the wonderful healing it’s bringing me. I hope that any of you who are skeptical of meditation because “you can’t turn off your brain” will just try it a bit and see what happens.

Happy meditating! 

Wedding Planning Update: Let’s Start Over!

Okay, remember these little updates I used to do? Let’s get back to them! Especially since we’re starting over with this wedding. Here’s the updates from October. I’ll try to do one big update per month and a few little posts throughout the month to dive a little deeper into projects!

What’s finished?

  • New venue
  • New date + making sure our wedding party can come (we did have one person back out of the wedding party, but otherwise everyone is willing to work around our changes!)
  • Photographer – thankfully she is the BOMBDOTCOM and is willing to come on up with us to Wisconsin!
  • DJ – he’s still comin’, too! (friend of ours!)
  • Officiant – we’re double-checking that he can come up to Wisconsin (he’s a friend of ours)
  • Day of Coordinator (my old intern & friend!)
  • Engagement shoot (can’t WAIT to show you the photos when we get them!)
  • Wedding website
  • Bridesmaid dresses styles & colors have been chosen – we’re ordering in December!
  • Bartender – my mom found someone that volunteered to help us out
  • Finalized guest list
  • Canceled all vendors in Chicago
  • Booked hair & makeup in Crivitz
  • Wedding dress (just needs alterations)
  • Booked cabins on the lake that the wedding party will be staying in

What’s on the docket for the next few weeks?

  • Figure out catering
  • Figure out tables/chairs/table cloths, etc.
  • Save the Dates as SOON as we get our engagement photos back! Should be in November sometime
  • Make a list of things to watch out for Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals (like decor and fabric and stuff!)

Also, my bachelorette party and showers (Chicago and Green Bay) have been scheduled! I’m so FREAKIN’ PUMPED! The only thing is they’re all a complete surprise (except for the GB one because I had to rent the space for it – we’re using an alumni space at my alma mater!) All I know is my bachelorette party will be the first weekend in January and I’m pumped!

Whew, I think that’s where we’re at for now. We’ve got a lot done (thankfully) and now, after a few vendor things, we get to move on to the fun stuff – aka DECOR. This is the inside of the barn as of now, so we’ve got some work to do.

Crivitz WeddingWe’re hoping weather is PERFECT and we’ll get to have our ceremony outside and dinner/dancing inside.

Crivitz WeddingBut we’re going to have to plan for both, just in case!

Any ideas or suggestions? Leave them in the comments!

A Weekend in Michigan

Happy Monday, friends! How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?

I worked until 5 on Friday, walked home and spent the rest of the night hanging out with Ben. The next morning once Ben was done with training (yes, he’s back to work! A few times a week, at least!) we jumped in the car and headed over to southern Michigan for a quick 24-hour trip at a friend’s cabin.

A Weekend in MichiganSaturday was SO nice. We got there, went to lunch with our friend who owns the cabin and then played with Cora outside. We took her for a fun walk in the GORGEOUS fall colors. 😍

A Weekend in Michigan A Weekend in Michigan A Weekend in Michigan A Weekend in MichiganBen and I headed out for dinner at a restaurant called The Stray Dog. We shared some guacamole …

A Weekend in MichiganAnd then I moved on to a gluten free burger and Ben had a chicken pot pie special. It was pretty good (Ben loved his!) and the ambiance was so nice. We headed back to the cabin and spent the night playing Scrabble & Mastermind with the fireplace going.

A Weekend in MichiganI didn’t sleep very well (I’m a nervous sleeper when I’m in a new place) but we woke up pretty early on Sunday to head to breakfast at Luisa’s. I had chorizo breakfast tacos and Ben had a carrot cake breakfast sandwich (so interesting and good!) I was surprised how many gluten free options this small Michigan town had for me! We stopped for a coffee for me and then a quick beach walk (it was SO cold!) for a few pictures.

A Weekend in Michigan A Weekend in MichiganThe next few hours were spent inside due to it POURING rain, so I did some reading and Ben did some fantasy football stuff. Since we didn’t bring any food with us (rookie mistake!) we headed a few miles away to Bentwood Tavern. We both had salads and a quiet lunch together! A few hours later we headed back to Chicago and lounged on the couch for the rest of the night (after doing some laundry and dishes.)

I loved my weekend! This week (at least today and tomorrow) will be pretty nutso at work, so I was super happy to have a really relaxing weekend. I can’t wait until we get to go back to Michigan again! It was only a 1.5 hour drive (without traffic) and we were in a whole new world!