Pink High Heels

This was the best part of my whole week was these … which happened about 2 hours ago.

Pink Heels - yessss

Pink Heels 

Yesssss! They’re cheap so I’m sure they won’t be comfortable, but I don’t care.

Here’s a couple of other fun things that happened this past week:

Did my own little "spin class" on the bike at my gym

Did my own little “spin class” on the bike at my gym

A "single & new apartment" gift from my friend, Taylor!

A “single & new apartment” gift from my friend, Taylor!

Mandatory Ollie photo

Mandatory Ollie photo

I really had a pretty quiet week. Dinner with friends on Thursday night and then a whole bunch of working out / watching tv this weekend. Not too much going on!

But on FRIDAY this week one of my best friends is coming to visit me through Monday – Amy!!! I couldn’t be more excited. Be ready for an obnoxious amount of photos 🙂