I moved … again!

Ok, well this is officially the last time I’m allowed to move for at least a year unless something crazy comes up. Mostly because I have NO idea how I’ll get my couch out of here.

I’m still in the same building, just down a couple of floors. I was living in a tiny studio and I just couldn’t do it. It felt like a glorified dorm room (though, to be honest, I’ve had nicer dorm rooms…) Now I’m in a true one-bedroom. Lotsa fun!




Other part of the bedroom (and my “wonderful” art haha)

949295_703712932071_962891676_oLiving room

962018_703707308341_1717929928_nLove it!!

In other news, I’ve gotta start working out more tomorrow. Today was crazy but this weekend will be super relaxing so I’m definitely ready for it to be Friday night!

Have any special plans for this long weekend?