Sometimes …


Frozen yogurt just makes everything better.



Even if you are eating it while watching Extreme Weight Loss. 

So, this past Friday I got to be an extra in a commercial. I don’t know if I’ll actually show up in the thing, but it was fun either way.


The rest of my weekend consisted of spending most of Saturday at a wedding shower in Illinois and most of Sunday getting rid of a text creeper. (You know, one of those guys that texts you 8 times in a matter of hours and you don’t text him back. Oh, that’s not normal?)

Oh, I also took a 7.2 mile walk in 85+ degree weather because I thought that’d be a good idea. I’d prefer hot weather than -100 or something, though.

And now I’m going to spend the rest of my night reading blogs and updating Twitter every 15 seconds to see what’s going on at the local Paul McCartney concert that I’m NOT at. I lead an exciting life. 🙂

Anyone else a frozen yogurt freak? I know you’re not supposed to treat yourself with food, but I just couldn’t help it today!




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