A beautiful view

Whew, I’m exhausted! I helped run my first photo shoot for work today and I could fall asleep now (mind you, it’s not even 8 p.m. yet).

Lucky for me, the scenery was beautiful up at the shoot location today. It made for a wonderful day! It helped that it was 80+ degrees, too. Stay away, winter.

photo_1 photo_2 photo_3 photo


I could take pictures of that view all day! So gorgeous.

Now I’m off to get some stuff done before bed and *hopefully* get up and go to the gym tomorrow. I’m not very good at getting up early, so I’m guessing it won’t happen. Any tips on getting up early when you are ALWAYS tired? I swear, I get 8+ hours of sleep and I still can’t get up.

Happy October 1!


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