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So, I start a new blog and then disappear for two weeks. I’m good at this.







In the meantime while I’ve been failing at blogging galavanting around town, I got some new glasses! Very exciting. So exciting, in fact, that I took way too many pictures of myself.

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Moving on. Since this is still a new blog I thought I’d fill out a fun little questionnaire I found on a blog I follow called Sparkles & Shoes. (Two of my favorite things so DUH, of course I follow it.)

Favorite Color: Red. I wear a log of pink and black, but red has always been the best color in my opinion.

Favorite number: 23. I chose it for my volleyball number when I was in Jr. High because it was my boyfriend’s basketball number and I obviously wanted to be number twins. It ended up being a pretty lucky number for me and I’ve kept it ever since. (The number, not the boyfriend.)

Dream career: I change my mind about this all the time, but I always thought being a wedding planner would be fun. I love coordinating/planning events, and my favorite job ever was my internship where I planned events for a hospital. Then again, I change my mind all the time. Maybe I want to do social media? Real Estate? Train/show golden retrievers? Travel around the world and blog about it? Stay at home mom without the kids? … what?

Where do you see yourself living when you’re on your own? Well, I am on my own and have been for the past 1.5 years, so… here? Though I’m not quite sure Milwaukee is my permanent home.

Favorite way to travel: By car or train. I’ve taken the train a few times to Chicago and it was so much fun. I hate flying, so that’s probably another reason.

What do you do in your free time?  Free time? What’s that? Well, when I do have a few minutes to myself, I try to workout, take a walk (when it gets nicer out) or I just end up at the bar down the road with some girlfriends.

Favorite clothing stores:  Francesca’s, hands down. I would buy everything in there if I was able to. Luckily (for my wallet) I don’t have much money so I can’t buy stuff there very often, but I do love it!

Who would you like to see in concert? BACKSTREET BOYS! Going to see them in June with my friend Heather and I’m SO excited. Otherwise, I would like to see Panic! and Fall Out Boy and We The Kings and BassNectar and Skrillex and …

Favorite tea blend? I’m not a tea gal, so … no thanks?

Do you collect anything? I guess you could say I collect San Francisco-themed items. I have quite a few photos, coasters, etc.

I can’t sleep without: Noise, but light noise. It needs to be quiet because I’m a light sleeper, but enough that it drowns out the cars and stuff outside my apartment. I usually sleep with a fan (and a nightlight because I’m 12-years-old).

If you were given 1 million dollars all for yourself what would you do with it? I’d immediately pay off all of my debt. Student loans (so much hate) and credit cards (even more hate). Then I’d buy a better car because mine is crap. Then I’d but myself a few nice things (like clothes, furniture, etc.) and save the rest.

What is your favorite season?  Summer. Our summers are so short in Wisconsin and sometimes outrageously humid, but it’s so much better than -50.

Favorite make-up brand? I’m not a make-up guru at all, but I did really like my Stila foundation. So.. maybe that?

Do you sleep with your doors open or closed? Closed. That way I can be ready when the scary ax murders run through my door. Oh, and it also keeps my annoying cat out.

Why did you start blogging? I started my old blog (The Healthy Spread) about 2-3 years ago, but was never in love with it. I actually just transferred everything over and started this new blog in February of this year!

Favorite treat to eat? Chocolate anything. Or frozen yogurt. Or chips and salsa. Yum.

Do you have any magazine subscriptions?  Cosmo and Women’s Health.

What were you doing at 12AM last night? Watching YouTube videos and trying to fall back to sleep. Life of the party, this one.

Favorite perfume?  I really love Victoria’s Secret Night perfume, but I’m too cheap to buy it for myself so I just have the body mist. It’ll do.

Now you know a little bit more about me (though I’m pretty sure 98.5% of my readers right now are my friends and family, but whatevs). On to another week of too much work and not enough working out (that will change this week…). Oh, and I should probably read my book for book club tomorrow … #whoops



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      Thanks so much, Katie! 🙂 Hope you’re doing well, too! I’ll have to swing through Madison sometime to catch up.

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