32 Things That Make Me Happy

Time for a link-up with Erin and Sarah – two of my absolute favorite bloggers! We’re doing 32 things that make me happy, which is actually probably really good for me right now as I’ve been sick for two days. Positivity kills bacteria, right? …right?

1. Friend time.
PicMonkey Collage2.jpg
2. Days off. I don’t get many.
3. Flowers
4. Dogs! I mean, I did just get accepted to be a volunteer with the Golden Retriever Rescue of Wisconsin. šŸ˜€
5. Leggings. I always used to say that I’d NEVER wear leggings and now if I could get away with wearing them all the time, I would.
6. Getting my nails done or hair done. I rarely treat myself to anything (except food) so it’s fun to get a new ‘do or pretty nails every now and then.
7. Sunshine. I’m pretty sure I get that “seasonal depression” crap or at least “seasonal pissed off-ness” and Wisconsin weather doesn’t exactly help with that. I mean, it’s pretty much winter for 9 months, then summer for 1, then fall/spring for maybe 2 more months.download
8. Instagram. I love, love, love it. Probably why I have two profiles.
9. I’m going to have to steal one from Erin with the Harry Potter marathons on ABC Family. I’ll stop my whole day for that stuff. (Because, duh, Oliver Wood)

10. Gifs. ^^
11. Buca Di Beppo’s Spicy Chicken Rigatoni. OMG YUM.
12. California. <3
PicMonkey Collage.jpg
13. Ireland. I can’t wait to live my dream someday and get there!
14. Ellen DeGeneres.
15. Nice, attractive, confident guys. I have found very few that exist lately.
16. Losing weight.
17. Tattoos! I can’t wait until I can get my next one.
18. Love and a good relationship.
19. All of Milwaukee’s summer “fests”. Irish Fest, Summer Fest, Festa Italiana, etc.
20. Packer season!!!!!! AKA, time to watch my Clay Matthews and Aaron Rodgers. yum.
21. Reading blogs and watching vlogs.
22. “Just because” things. Whether it’s flowers, a sandwich, a hug, a text, etc. It shows people you care and want to make someone happy, even if it’s just for a second.
23. Cheerleading, though I don’t get to do it anymore. I like cheerleading movies, watching cheerleading competitions, etc. P.S. Buck’s Dancers and the Dallas Cowboys “cheerleaders” are not cheerleaders. They’re dancers. There’s nothing wrong with that, but until you’re throwing people that are your same size in stunts, it’s not cheerleading. #justsayin’Ā (I’m the girl on the bottom in the middle with the long blonde hairĀ and the big bootyĀ holding up the middle girl. That probably made no sense.)
24. Sandals. Well, any shoes, but I love me some pretty sandals. Mostly because sandals/wedges mean IT’S WARM OUT.
25. Living alone. It’s a nice change of pace from living with people for the last …24 years of my life.
26. Trans-Siberian Orchestra music around Christmas time.
27. Oh, and Christmas tree shopping with my dad and sister. Ok, so everything Christmas.
28. Pretty dresses and flowy shirts. Anything girly, to be honest. I’m your typical girly girl and would rather wear a dress every day than put on a pair of jeans. No, thanks.
29. Reminiscing on college memories.
30. Traveling anywhere.
31. Getting packages in the mail!
32. Chipotle. I bet that would clear out my stuffed up sinuses right about now!Ā 

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