Livin’ the (Bikini Series) Life

So, I started the Tone It Up Bikini Series two weeks ago with another TIU girl that I met last year. It’s been 10 days which is the longest I’ve ever lasted for the Bikini Series, so that’s a good sign. It helps having someone else to complain to every day about how much I want chips, salsa and chocolate but instead I’m eating lettuce. Thanks, Katie! 🙂

photo1Lots of green smoothies, lettuce, lean meats, more lettuce, not enough french fries … Just kidding, I need to get healthy. This is good for me! (Did I mention I’m eating a lot of lettuce?)

photo3I’ve saved money on going out to eat, too. Today was probably my “worst” day because I had Chipotle, Starbucks AND Erberts and Gerbets. Whoops.

Also, fun fact: I pretended to like the Kentucky Derby and went to a bar (obviously the same bar I go to ALL THE TIME) with little hats. Problem is, we ended up staying for N-I-N-E hours! We got there to watch the derby and got a great seat at the bar … then we just ended up never leaving. Such a fun day/night! Expensive, though.

photo2Otherwise I’ve been working (per usual), going to bed early (because I’m boring) and trying to stay on track. All this working out/healthy eating makes me into a bag lady on my way to work, but I’d rather be a bag lady than fat! What, at least I’m honest. #sorrynotsorry

photo4So there’s my super random post about life. If you’re interested in staying in the loop with the Bikini Series check-ins I’m doing, follow along on my second Instagram page, @JustJessie_TIU. Or course, follow my @JessieDeschane one for normal debacles. 😉

Are any of you doing anything special to get in shape for the summer?





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