The best part about Wednesday …

… is that it’s not Monday!!!!

After a grueling Monday and Tuesday, I refused to let today take the same road. So here’s what I did today to make my Wednesday better. 

… Let myself sleep in. I’ve been working out or at least taking a walk almost every morning for the Bikini Series I’m doing, but today I let myself have a rest day. Maybe I’ll regreat it later, but it was nice to slowly wake up and watch YouTube videos not have to be in a rush.

… Went to Qdoba with my friend/coworker/partner-in-crime Saige even though I had $17 in my checking account. I needed to break up my day since I was starting to get a bit of Grouchy McGroucherson back after a stressful morning. Plus, it’s pay day tomorrow, WHOOP!


(Just kidding, I’m still gonna be poor.)


… Starbucks coffee!!!!!!!! (Thanks, Saige, for the “Happy Bad Day” coffee treat.) I haven’t had coffee in a hot minute, so this was my afternoon (and probably how my night).


… Left work at a decent time and refused to feel bad about it.

… Got complimented on my eyes by a guy in the elevator so IMMEDIATELY took a #selfie once back in the good lighting safeness of my apartment to figure out what he was talking about. I’m gonna guess it’s because my hair is so slicked back all you can see are my gigantic peepers.

photo 1
… Making a fantastical, yet boring dinner with too many sauces. Quinoa, turkey burger, avocado. OH, and pasta sauce, salsa, ketchup and chipotle. What?!

photo 2

… Watched this gif on repeat.
… Went to bed early. KTHANKSBYE!

What was the best part about your Wednesday? Or any day this week so far? 🙂