Treat Yourself Tuesday

Happy to be linking up with the wonderful Becky over at Olives N Wine today for a Treat Yourself Tuesday!


I’m definitely feeling the tightness of my purse strings lately, but I did treat myself to a few things in the past week. I got myself two candles and my favorite lotion from Bath and Body Works this weekend. I have an old, musty-smelling apartment (doesn’t that make you want to visit RIGHT NOW) so candles are a must. Also got my Pink Chiffon lotion to bring to work and smell up mine and Chelsey’s office. Perfect.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg
I also treated myself to a little bit of frozen yogurt to make me feel better after I stupidly forgot sunscreen and ended up paying for it with lobster-red skin. The rest of my relaxing “treats” consisted of laying on the beach reading on my nook and hanging out with my weird cat. The last couple of days have been great!

Finally, I’m treating myself with this awesome gif that my friend Saige sends to me at least once every few weeks.


What have you done lately to treat yourself? I’m finding out that treating yourself doesn’t HAVE to be purchasing something. Sometimes sitting on the beach for an hour and relaxing is the best treat I can have. 🙂


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