A “Larger Than Life” Night in Chicago

^^ Cheeseball on the title, I know. Deal with it. I’m excited because…


*Cue overly dramatic jumping up and down*


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Ha. ANYWAYS. This is gonna be a long one, but it’s worth it. Promise.

The day started off normally, coming into work and immediately going on Twitter to talk about how I was feeling that day. Difference being, I was so excited I could barely sit still.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 7.08.00 PMFinally noon rolled around and it was time to get to the train to head on down to Chicago! Fun fact that’s completely off topic: I love trains and got to ride one for the first time two years ago when going to a tradeshow for work. My coworkers think I’m nuts, but this time was no different.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 7.16.21 PMHeather (friend/coworker who happily joined me on the trip) and I tried to get some work done, but that didn’t happen. Lies, I think she worked. I just bounced up and down in my seat.


Once we got to Chicago we hung out in the room, took a walk downtown to get a fast dinner at Noodles & Co. and then headed to a happy hour special the hotel was having. After two glasses of (free) wine and too many plates of (free) cookies, we were ready and willing to get in one of those crazy Chicago taxis to go to the concert on Northerly Island. We ended up having the best taxi driver of the trip who had lived in Milwaukee before moving to Chi-town and sang to us as he drove. Well, I’m not sure if he was really singing TO us, but I’m just gonna go with that.

So we got to Northerly Island, found out that drinks were like $100/glass and decided we weren’t having any of that. We were a bit late, so we missed a bit of Avril Lavigne which neither of us were too choked up about.


I tried to convince myself to pay $75 for the after party, but then decided that I’m too poor, plus none of them are single so it’s not like I could convince them to date me anyway, which is the whole point of an after party. Duh. Plus, according to the sign, Brian wasn’t going to be there. What the heck, Brian?! (Don’t worry, he made up for it with his super hotness on stage. Dannnnnng, he still looks good.)


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I mean, seriously. How is that even fair?! No wonder I’m single. This is my standard.

We got to our seats which were pretty far away from the stage, but who cares because WE WERE WITHIN SOME HUNDRED FEET OF THE BACKSTREET BOYS. My 12-year-old self was dying. Ok, lies. My 26-year-old self was dying. Of course, they made us wait an OBSCENE amount of time before they came on stage (so like, 5 minutes. More like 5 years in my mind.) and then finally… finally… FINALLY. YOU GUYS! THE BACKSTREET BOYS!

I can’t even.


Can’t even write the blog post without freaking out.

They sang all of the good songs (they’re all good, let’s be real). They danced. They gyrated at the camera (thank you, Nick Carter). They made jokes. They sang “Quit Playing Games with my Heart” and my heart exploded. They played “Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely” and I almost cried. The entire concert was an emotional rollercoaster for me. I was SO happy – so unbelievably happy to be there. I’ve wanted to see these guys since I was little and there I was, listening to them live. Watching them run around the stage. Praying that one of them didn’t fall down and break a hip. I mean, seriously. Kevin is pretty much entirely made of plastic.

Here’s a couple of horrible photos to prove to you that I was there. Note: I was too busy dancing my butt of and jumping up and down screaming/singing to care about good photos. (Seriously, I got like 30,000 steps in that day – all because of dancing.)

PicMonkey Collag77e.jpg

That face right up there? That’s a face of pure happy. I told my mom is was the best night of my life and I’m not even lying. Wanna know why? Because I wanted to do something and I did it. I saved my money for those far away seats, found a good friend to go with me, roamed my way around Chicago and saw a band that I have loved since the 90s. I danced my legs off, sang my lungs out and left purely exhausted, but happier than I had felt in a long, long time.

Things got a little nuts once we left the concert, though. They didn’t let cabs onto the island on the way out in order to get the people that parked out, so Heather and I walked quite a bit (including through the middle of what seemed like a major highway) until we found a cab and got safely home. I couldn’t sleep because I was too busy researching the next BSB concert I could go to and watching my recordings from the show over and over and over.

The next day, Heather and I decided to roam around the city since we didn’t have to catch a train back until 5. We went to lunch at Gino’s East where I had my first deep dish pizza EVER and it was awesome. I wasn’t feeling so hot, so I didn’t eat much but my leftovers were spectacular. Gino’s is pretty cool – people write on every single piece of the restaurant with sharpies. So we, of course, left our own mark.

PicMonkey Collage.jpgThen we wandered down to Navy Pier because we felt like being 100% tourists. What a cool place! Luckily it was during the day on a Thursday so it wasn’t very busy, but I did end up getting a funny shirt and almmmmmost fell into this marketing ploy…


If only that worked … I’d have all of Milwaukee talkin’ with an accent!

And then on the walk back I found another piece of Ireland and, well, yeah. Now I’m taking picture of blocks of concrete that say something about Ireland on them. I don’t have anything to say other than someone better get me to Ireland before I combust. Maybe for a BSB concert in IRELAND?! I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t survive. I’d die of happiness onsite. (Also, how many times can I say Ireland in one paragraph? A lot, apparently. But I’m not fixing it. #cantstopwontstop)

After that, we loaded our things into yet another taxi and made our way back to the train for another ride. Only this time, it wasn’t as exciting because Nick, AJ, Brian, Kevin and Howie weren’t waiting for us on the other side. I mean, I TOTALLY would’ve welcomed them, but apparently they didn’t have time to come to Milwaukee. Something about having a tour they had to go on or some BS. Apparently other people in the world wanted to see them.


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That about sums it up! Off to bed for me so I can dream of dancing with my BOYS. Oh, and you know, GETTING READY FOR THE BACKSTREET BOYS MOVIE THAT’S COMING OUT SOON.


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Night! 🙂

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