Guilty Pleasures


Me? Have guilty pleasures? Noooooo.

Ha, just kidding. I have like 10,000. Here’s my top 10 since 10,000 would be too long of a blog.

1) Getting shellac done on my nails. I love it and I really shouldn’t get it done because I’m poor … butttttttttt……

2) Eating an entire jar of salsa with chips. I’m not kidding, I do it way more than I should (especially since I’m trying to lose weight). I may have already done it twice this week. It may have been yesterday and today. As in two jars of salsa. In two days. #fattymcfatface

3) Going out to eat for lunch. In my current job, I jump at the chance to run out of the office for the hour I get for lunch, which usually means going to get lunch with my friend, Saige. So bad for me and my budget, but good for my brain to get away from the office.


4) Watching YouTubers (and dreaming of maybe someday being one of them). I honestly get about 10-15 emails a day with YouTube videos to watch.

5) Candles. I’ve been so obsessed with them in the last ~2 years that I’ve lived alone because it’s the first time EVER I could have them. My mom got migraines from scented candles and my ex-bf didn’t like them, so now I light candles ALL THE TIME! Woooooo!

6) TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress marathons. Honestly, it’s on every Friday and if I’m not doing anything which is most Fridays, I’m probably sitting at home sobbing to SYTTD which some may think is embarrassing, but I’ve just embrace it. 😉 I just love weddings!
7) Pretty Little Liars and The Bachelor/ette. Every Monday and Tuesday night you’ll probably find me watching those.

8) Soda. It’s such a bad, bad, bad habit but I just love it. And my favorite kind? Bottled Code Red Mountain Dew <— Probably the absolute WORST soda on the planet for you. Ugh.

9) Cosmo. It’s such a trashy magazine, but I have been subscribed to it for YEARS and I just can’t get rid of it.

10) Talking myself in and out of dating websites. Groupon got me and I’m on Match again (just for the month). I always do this every couple of months – I get lonely and sign up for a dating site and then two days later I already regret the decision.

What are some of your guilty pleasures?