Things I’ll (Probably) Never Do

… And we’re back!

Another day, another link-up. First let me tell you a little about my weekend. It’s been crazy and boring, all wrapped up into one.

Friday I went to Racine to hang out with Kayla. We spent all day watching TV, taking a walk and just hanging out. The night ended with fireworks and then I drove back home. Saturday was pretty boring, but much needed. I had a headache all day so I just hung out on my own. Today I took a two hour walk, went to Target to pick up some black heels since mine are completely wrecked and now I’m just hanging out watching some YouTubers that I love and putting off cleaning. Normal!

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Anyways, on to the fun stuff! Today’s link-up is about “Things I’ll Never Do”. I hate saying never, so I added the probably in there for funsies. 🙂


So, here are the things I’ll (probably) never do:

—> Cheer for the Chicago Bears
—> Or the Minnesota Vikings
—> Ok, basically I won’t cheer for anyone besides the Packers. (MOVING ON)
—> Stay friends with someone OR date someone that doesn’t treat me well. Over that!
—> Like and be excited for Wisconsin snow
—> Bungee jump, jump out of a plane, go on another roller coaster, ride a ferris wheel  again (ha) … nope.
—> Treat someone I’m managing like crap (intentionally). It’s just not cool!
—> Become complacent. Now this is a tough one that I struggle with, but I really hope I never let myself become complacent.
—> Stop eating chips and salsa forever. I just don’t see that happening. Or frozen yogurt.
—> Willingly go anywhere near a bee, wasp or anything in the bee family. No.
—> Admit that I like cats. Because I really DO prefer dogs!

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