Things That Make Me Smile

Monday… yayyyyyy. At least blogging is fun, right? Something to look forward to.


Also, it’s my mom’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM! Here’s a cat.


It’s officially Day 7 of the “Blog Everyday in July” link-up I’ve been doing. Today we’re talking about things that make me smile. Well, that’s a LOT of things – I’m always smilin’.


Perfect. So, here we go!

… Good food (frozen yogurt, chips/salsa, basically everything bad for you)

… Girly things like manicures, dresses, heels, glitter … Ok, really anything that sparkles, let’s be real.

… Packer season

… Irish accents or English or Australian. I’m not picky.

… Good-looking guys. What? I’m being honest.

… My awesome friends that always have my back especially Michelle, Saige, Heather, Amy, Andrea and Kayla. Whew, that’s a lot. They’ve been helping me a lot lately.

… Dogs! Especially golden retrievers! AHHH! I get excited just thinking about them.

… Thinking about going to Ireland and visiting all the places I’ve always wanted to see

… Funny jokes, duh.

… Funny shirts, duh.

… Dancing

… Mochas from Starbucks

What about you? What makes you smile? 🙂 

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