8 Things I Do When I’m Alone

Hmm … time to spill some secrets with today’s Blog Everyday in July! Since it’s day 8, I’ll give you 8 secrets.

8 Things I Do When I’m Alone

1) Most obviously if you’re my neighbors, I do not wear pants. If I’m already wearing a dress, then no big deal, but if for SOME reason I sucked my gut into pants that day, they’re most definitely off within minutes of walking in the door. I’m sure my cat loves it.

Funny_cat_crap_no_3_by_yesimback2) Eat a LOT of chips and salsa. Like, a lot. We’ve talked about this before.

3) Browse dating websites and laugh out loud at some of the things people say. I mean, REALLY. Does that work on people?

1350795680161_85931224) Talk to my cat like he’s a person. This explains why I’m still single and on online dating sites. ^^

5)  Sit on my couch and pull my coffee table up right next to my couch. Ain’t nobody got time to reach a foot to get something off the table.

6) Watch trashy television. Especially if it’s a Friday. You’ll probably find me crying to SYTTD. Don’t judge me – I want to be a wedding planner! (That’s what I keep telling myself, at least.)

7) Watching my daily YouTube subscriptions and wishing I could be one of them. I’m seriously contemplating trying it out.

8) Take selfies. Ha.

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  1. Kendra says:

    Online dating websites are hysterical. My friends and I would have the funniest conversations with some of the guys. It’s a joke really.

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