Update on the 9to5

In June of this year, I wrote about my two jobs and it seemed to peak some of your interests. So, since my life has dramatically changed in the last three months, I thought I’d give you and updated 9to5!

Source: www.news.com.au

Source: www.news.com.au

As of August 6, 2014, I am now the Assistant Director of Alumni Relations at my alma mater. I plan and attend events for alumni in our regional communities (meaning most major cities in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois) including tailgate parties for football, reunions for affinity groups and happy hour upon happy hour upon happy hour. Not a bad gig, huh?

With that, my job isn’t exactly a 9to5. I work from 8-4:30 Monday-Friday, but I have a lot of events on the nights and weekends. I don’t mind, though, since all of the events are fun and I get to see my work from start to finish. I just love it.

Since I’ve only been in the job for a little over a month, I haven’t had time to really look into new ideas for events, but I’m excited to get the opportunity once the crazy month of October is over. Yes, it hasn’t even started yet, but we’re still getting everything ready for the month. I have an event almost every single weekend, except the first weekend that Saige is coming to visit (!!!).

I absolutely love it. I love the people, the college, the town (though I thought I would hate being back) and just all of the supportive coworkers that I have. It’s definitely a breath of fresh air (literally, De Pere is so much less smelly than Milwaukee –> haaaa) and I can honestly say without any hesitation that this was the best decision I could’ve made for myself at this point in my life.

I’m still contemplating looking for a part-time job, though. Missing the $200/month from my part-time job in Milwaukee is kicking my butt. Mind you, it’s been nice not working two jobs (especially because I work a lot of nights/weekends just with my full-time job). I’m going to continue looking for a low-key part-time job, but not worry about it too much. In the meantime, that means less Chipotle (YEAH, RIGHT). 🙂

Do you love your job? What would your dream job be (or are you already doing it)?


  1. Katie says:

    I love my job, but I love that I have the yoga sculpt on the side. Its only about $125 extra a month, but its still nice to put it in my savings account!

    • Jessie says:

      I hear ya! I need to find something like that, but it’s rough because I can’t work most weekends so Thursday-Saturday night are usually out of the question. So that makes it rough!

  2. Ali says:

    Hi Jessie! I just found your blog and I love it. I’m excited to see that your job move was worth it. It’s always scary taking new leaps, at least in my opinion!! 🙂

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