Childhood Dream Job (Day 2)

And we’re back for Day 2 of the #blogtember14 challenge! If you want to see what I’d do with some lotto’ monies, check that out here. Today let’s talk about dream jobs.

Helene in Between

Today’s prompt: What was your dream job when you were little / what is it now?

I can honestly say that I was just as undecided on what I wanted to be when I was younger as I am as an adult. Here’s a few random ideas that I remember popping up in my head.


Always. Because Ariel.



I do remember being quite passionate about being a singer, even though I could barely sing when I knew anyone was listening without panicking. I started a band with my friends on the playground (think Spice Girls era) called Sunset City. I have no idea where that came from. OH. and I wrote two songs – one called “Whatever” and another called “Never Ever”. The chorus lyrics for “Whatever” were, “Whatever you do, whatever you say, whatever.” So, as you can see, I’ve always been good with words.



Besides my knack for lyrics, I actually was a pretty good creative writer. I liked writing fictional stories and used to love writing poems. I still love writing – hence, this here bloggy blog.


Moving on to now … 

Once I got into college and they force you into help you decide what you want to do for the rest of forever, I jumped at a Communication degree because, well, I’ve always been a good communicator. Seriously, ask any of my elementary school teachers. I can communicate for probably 24-hours straight. 😉

Luckily that major seemed to work out for me and I was lucky enough to work at a local healthcare company while at school doing events, which is basically what I’m doing today.

To be completely honest, I don’t know that I know what my dream job is. I’m loving what I’m doing now and I’ve always loved event planning. Wedding planning has been something that’s stuck in my head as well, but who knows. I’d love to work for myself someday (at least in a part-time role) because it’s always been important to me to be able to be independent. I’ve been thinking about YouTube a lot lately, too, but since I haven’t even made a video, I can’t necessarily say I’ll love that either. So, I’m going to say that I don’t have a dream job – as long as I love what I do and who I’m doing it with, that’s good with me.

Then again …


What was your childhood dream job?


  1. Diana says:

    Because, Ariel. haha!

    Isn’t event planning fun!? I know a ton of people that do it and it seems chaotic yet rewarding. Follow your dreams, friend!

  2. Adorngirl says:

    Lol! loved this post especially the bit about being a stay at home mum without the kids. You will know what is right for you when thinking about it makes you happy, giddy, and even a little nervous.

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