Weekend + Fall Recipe (Day 13)

Whew! What a whirlwind weekend. I tried writing up some posts to catch-up on the Blogtober14 prompts that I missed, but I was just throwing them together and I didn’t think anyone would want to read that. So, time to start over! But first off, my weekend.

Friday was a long day at work and then a fun event that lasted quite late into the night. Saturday morning I slept in a tiny bit and then got ready for another partial workday. We had a meeting/lunch for work Saturday and once that was over, I rushed home, changed, threw together a bag and headed up to my hometown. Wedding time! (AND BEING IN THE SAME BUILDING AS MY BEST FRIEND!)

I found my best friend!!! SHES IN THE SAME BUILDING WITH ME!!!!!!!!! --- Reunited and it feels so good! @jessiedeschane @mtk_251 #akmyszka14

(P.S. I spent FOREVER trying to get the photo above to center, but apparently it’s being a jerk. Anytime I bring in a photo from Instagram, it doesn’t let me do anything with it. Anyone know how to fix that in WP? It looks centered, but as soon as I publish it, it’s left-aligned.)

The wedding was held in a beautiful barn and was just enough country but still very romantic and beautiful. It was such a fun night of dancing, eating/drinking, photo booths, long bus rides home and chats with the best friend. It was so great seeing a bunch of people I grew up with all at one time!

PicMonkey Collage

(The hat was a photo booth prop. I promise I didn’t rock that thing all night long.)

Sunday consisted of a lot of screaming/anxiety during the Packer game (but they won!), lots of bad-for-me food and plenty of laying around.

Now, time for the Blogtober14 challenge part of the day! Today’s prompt is Favorite Fall Recipe.

Helene in Between Blogtober

Now, the recipe I have below is technically a Weight Watchers recipe that I make on and off throughout the year, but since it’s technically a soup/chili, I figured it fits. You can find the original recipe here. I changed mine just a *tiny* bit to make it spicier, so please know that I didn’t come up with this myself! I wish I was that good!

Taco Soup

Taco Soup

Don’t mind the poor quality photo – it’s the only photo I had in my media library from probably two years ago! The photo in the link above is way better.

– 1 lb. lean ground turkey
– 2 cans of spicy and/or chili-flavored diced tomatoes
– 1 package of spicy taco seasoning
– 1 package of spicy ranch dressing mix (the powdered stuff that’s always so high on the shelves at the store that I can’t reach it)
– 1 can hot chili beans
– 1 can pinto beans

Brown the ground turkey. Throw other ingredients into a big soup pan thingy and cook until heated through. Depending what I have on hand, sometimes I’ll have a few chips with it or a bit of cheese on top, but it’s good plain as well!

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What is your favorite fall recipe? Or just any recipe in general?


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