Target & TJ Maxx TYT

Target and TJ Maxx – Two places that I rarely go because I lose all self control once I walk through those automatic doors …


For some reason that (very gray/black) little photo above makes me all sorts of happy. I spent money on myself (besides food and toilet paper) for the first time in what seems like forever! Seriously, I’m still wearing clothes that my mom bought me for my first internship in college to my current full-time job now almost 5 years out of college. (Thanks, Mom!)

Anyways, for today’s Treat Yourself Tuesday with Becky, I thought I’d let you in on what I got. First of all, it’s been disgusting “Autumn” weather here for the past few days. It absolutely POURED all night, so my sister and I were running in and out of buildings like we were being chased by zombies. No zombies, just rain and we’d OBVIOUSLY melt if we got wet. So, after I worked out for 40 minutes, my sister and I met up at BWW (which totally negates anything I gained during my workout) and then headed off to TJ Maxx.

Ok, so I don’t know about you, but basically if I go anywhere near a TJ Maxx or Target, I lose all self-control. Almost my entire apartment is decorated via TJ Maxx. So we stopped in there (for an hour and a half) and I bought myself a (fake) leather jacket for $30, some lotion that my sister found that LITERALLY smells like cupcake icing for $4 (I will not eat it, I will not eat it) and that cozy gray-ish blanket you see there at the bottom of the pile for $12.

Then off to Target where I actually did pretty well (mostly because I felt guilty for buying myself that jacket) so I got a $2 purple nail polish since I’m no longer getting my shellac manicures (boooo, budget), some underwear (TMI but I’m seriously running low), some cheap earring studs for $5 and a beanie! I’m not sure how well I pull the beanie off, but I don’t care – I’ve always wanted one and it was $7.

After that, we headed home and I immediately unwrapped the blanket and cuddled up on the couch. I hate you, rainy weather! But hey, at least I have an excuse to use that blanket all the time. I wonder if they’d look at me weird if I brought that to work …



P.S. I took a day off of the Blogtober14 challenge only because I couldn’t figure out what to write about today. 🙂 If you want to check out any of my other Blogtober14 posts, you can find those below! I’ll be back at it tomorrow!

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What’s your favorite store to shop at? 


  1. Katie says:

    Love it! I did some shopping damage on and the limited, they had their sale stuff on extra sale, couldn’t resist! Jealous that you got target underwear, it always looks nice, but never fits me quite right.

    • Jessie says:

      Me too! Ugh, and they’re considered some of the “less expensive” places, yet I still feel like I’m too broke to shop there. And thank you! I’ll be trying the beanie out this weekend. 🙂

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