Favorite Quote (Day 15)

I love quotes. I don’t know about you, but I could spend hours going through the “Quotes” tab on Pinterest. (Check out my page and you’ll see how many hours I already spend on Pinterest …) I love funny quotes, serious quotes, motivational quotes, all of ’em! My favorite quote of all time though I found a year or so ago when perusing around Instagram and I just absolutely fell in love. So much so, I almost tried to name my blog after it, but then decided against it. Plus, the domain name was already taken. I’m getting off track, per usual.

The quote is, “And though she be but little, she is fierce” and it comes from Shakespeare. Honestly, I could care less who wrote it (although Shakespeare is pretty cool), because the quote just speaks to me. I’ve always been small (well, in height at least) and I love it. Sure, sometimes it’s frustrating when I have to climb up on my counters and I STILL CAN’T REACH THE WINE GLASSESSometimes people tried (and still try) to make fun of me for it. I even get the tall-girl rage that tell me I can’t date tall guys because I’m too short (<– Which I, of course, laugh at hysterically and then find the tallest guy around to flirt with just to be a brat #sorrynotsorry).

But you know what? I love being small, but that’s because I’ve got a big enough personality to overtake my lack in height which is where the “she is fierce” part comes in. I am fierce. I’m opinionated, passionate, loud, funny and sometimes a bit dramatic (this is the one and only time I’m admitting that). I am so fiercely loyal to my friends and people I love that I have no problem jumping in and protecting a friend when necessary – no matter how “small” I am. Nothing is going to stop me from the dreams and goals I want to accomplish. Not my sex. Not my height. Not my weight. Not my hair color. Not my skin color. Ok, tangent over.

The quote may not even mean all of the things I get from it, but who cares. The quote is just perfect for who I am and my personality. I even got it tattooed on my body recently. I’m small, tiny, little, short, petite – whatever you want to call it. But you better bet your butts that I’ll take over a room or stand up for someone or something I believe in with no hesitation. Plus, I have to be pretty fierce to get a tattoo on my ribs (P.S. RIB TATTOOS HURT).

photo1 (4).jpg

It’s the only picture I currently have and since I ate an entire jar of chips/salsa last night for dinner, I won’t be pulling up my shirt to get you a better picture. 🙂

So that’s the story on my favorite quote. What is your favorite quote? Are you like me and L-O-V-E the Pinterest quotes section?

Helene in Between Blogtober

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