I’m an expert at … Day 17

After writing yesterday’s post about fall fashion, I’d like to think I’m a fashion expert but let’s be real here … I’m just an expert pinner. 😉 Here are some other things I’m an expert at …

Helene in Between Blogtober

–> Talking myself out of working out. 
I’m realllllly good at this one (though I have gotten up at 5:30 a.m. the last two mornings to workout – woot!). I’ll find any way to decide that it’s really not worth my time.

–> Talking myself INTO going out to eat.
This is a really bad habit I need to break. It’s absolutely killing me financially and it’s not helping me lose weight.

–> Eating an entire jar of salsa in one sitting.


–> Squealing at dogs.
Seriously. The amount of high-pitched noise that comes out of this little old body of mine when there’s a dog around is ridiculous (bonus squeals if it’s a golden retriever or Bernese mountain dog or corgi or the Samoyed below … ok, all of ’em).


–> Making people happy and taking care of others.  
Sometimes this bites me in the ass, but other times I think it’s worthwhile. Just in my nature.

–> Worrying about money.
I mean, really. I worry about money 24-7-365. I’m surprised I haven’t had a heart attack yet with the amount of stress I put myself under. Maybe if I’d stop with my #2 “expertise” up there, I wouldn’t have to worry so much.

–> Saying “someday”
This goes along with the money thing, but I’m really good at being like, “Well, I’ll travel someday” or “The right guy will show up in my life someday” or “I’ll start a YouTube channel someday”. I need to just make things happen!

–> Planning things.
This is probably why I work in events. My friends will probably tell you it’s an annoying trait because I want to plan things weeks ahead of time, but hey … that’s just how I work!

–> Watching my YouTube subscriptions.
This is a bad expertise, but since I do it every day and somehow get through like, 20 subscriptions per day, I think I’m pretty good at it. Just basically don’t do anything else and you’re golden. 🙂

–> Making myself warm.
This may seem weird, but from a lady that’s ALWAYS cold, I will go to extreme lengths to make myself warm. Wear ridiculous down coats when it’s still 50 degrees outside. Sit with a space heater pointed directly at my body at work (currently). Wear gloves at work. Wear long underwear under maxi skirts (that’s my favorite trick).

–> Talking myself out of buying things I want or need.
This is probably a good thing since I’m broke 99% of my life. Though I did finally buy myself a few things I wanted the other day.

–> Being a hypochondriac, but too poor to go to the doctor.
Chest pain? Must be having a heart attack. Weird migraine? Tumor. Pain pretty much anywhere? Cancer. I’m WebMD’s favorite patient. But then I’m completely the opposite when I’m actually sick and refuse to go to the doctor because I’m cheap. But now that I work on a college campus, the nurses are free so you bet your butts when I had ear pain and dizziness the other day I was in that office so fast …

–> Not losing weight.
A lot of my other expertise weigh into this, obviously (no pun intended).

What are you an expert at? Can you teach me some things?? 🙂

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  1. Leslie says:

    I can eat an entire jar of salsa too. I’m not going to apologizing haha because i’m great at it! Aww that puppy is adorable! I like making people happy too, it makes me feel good. I hope you having a great day!

  2. Katie Petty says:

    YES to talking yourself out of working out and worry about money. I do those things all day, every day.

    Katie Petty

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