What Makes Me Happy (Day 19)

What makes me happy?

Texting my Dad.

Packer games (more so when they’re winning).


Yummy smells like candles, perfume and flowers.

Being with people. Extrovert all the way.

Dogs. All of ’em.


Getting my nails done (when I can afford it).

Talking to the friends that mean the most to me.


Harry Potter.

Taking long walks. I miss my two-hour walks. Boooo, Wisconsin weather.

My little Oliver. He adores me, now if he’d just let me pick him up.


This new blanket from TJ Maxx that I’m currently not moving out from under for the rest of the day. This work weekend has kicked my butt. 16+ hours yesterday after 3 hours of sleep? Heyooo, not moving on this Sunday.


What makes you happy? 

Helene in Between Blogtober

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