Catchin’ Up on #Blogtober14

I’m behind, I’m behind! Wait for me!

This past week has been kickin’ my butt. My last post was about what makes me happy and then I apparently fell off the Blogtober14 wagon again. This whole “working full time” thing is really getting in the way of this fun little hobby I call blogging. 😉

Oh, and I decided it’d be fun to get a second job. I know. We’ll talk about my sanity a different day.

So back to Blogtober14! Here, let’s catch up quick.

Day 20: What’s Your Biggest Fear?
Who me? Afraid of things? Bahhhhh. <Insert sheep emoji here> Just kidding, I’m afraid of pretty much everything. But I guess my biggest fear is death and/or not doing everything I want to do in this short little lifetime.

Day 21: Dream Vacation
Ireland. I wanna go there and I wanna go there N.O.W.


For the Irish scenery, of course.

Day 22: Your Pet Peeves
– Someone cracking their knuckles
– Someone who plays non-stop video games – I mean, go outside. Talk to someone.
– When you’re talking to someone and they continuously change the subject back to themselves. I’m all for good conversation, but that means you need to LISTEN to the other person and maybe even not think about yourself for 2.5 seconds. Just a thought.

Day 23: Favorite Instagram Editing Apps / Editing Tool for your Blog
– Instagram: I rarely use an editing app (#amateur), but I do use PicStitch occasionally for making collages.
– Blog: Again, amateur move, but I am still learning all this mumbo jumbo. I do use PicMonkey a lot, though.

And finally, TODAY! Day 24: One Beauty Product You Can’t Live Without
– Ummmm, I suck at beauty products. Do hair products count? If so, then my Aussie 3 Minute Miracle. This long mane needs some TLC.

bitch-im-fabulous-green-bay Gotta keep up with the (current) love of my life, Mr. Matthews. 😉

What is your biggest pet peeve?
Where is your dream vacation? Have any of you been to Ireland?

Helene in Between Blogtober

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  1. Emily Forest says:

    I would definitely consider hair products beauty products! If my hair doesn’t look good then it doesn’t even matter if I am wearing makeup! Thanks for sharing!

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