Weekend Ramblings

Well, I’m sick. I started getting a scratchy throat on Friday and now I have a full-blown, my brain doesn’t work at all kinda cold. At least my body waited until my work events were over this weekend to knock me on my ass. Thankful for that!



This weekend was just a perfect example of showing me that I made the right career move. We had a weekend filled with events for an alumni football team, and I’ve never been more happy with the results. Everyone loved being back and had a great time – it’s a win for us!

I’m also going to go ahead and blame this head cold for some of the awesome (and some stupid) things I’ve done in the past few days. Luckily my brain was so foggy on Saturday that I didn’t even have time to stress about my packed day of events, which just made it that much better. Now, the fact that I basically blurted out the fact that I’m interested in someone to THAT someone’s face this weekend … that’s another story. Hey, at least this cold is making me confident, right? Or maybe it’s just taking away my “think before you talk” mechanism. Ha. Let’s pretend it’s confidence. 😉

Oh, and I spent all day Sunday eating nothing but spaghettios and a dairy queen ice cream thingy. So, I guess when I get sick I just resort right back to eating like a crazy person and not moving off my couch. Does anyone else do this?

This upcoming week I have three more events (two of which I’m  to traveling for) and then I start my second job on Sunday. I’m still not sure this whole “second job” nonsense was a good idea, but I’ll try it out for awhile. I’m just hoping I don’t burn myself out.

Ok, all done boring you with my ramblings. I’d blame the cold medication, but … well … I have no idea. I can’t even formulate a thought right now. Kthxbye!

What did you do this weekend? Anything fun planned coming up? 


    • Jessie says:

      Ohhhh, I hear ya! I still can’t believe it came out of my mouth, but I’m actually kind of proud of myself. I’ll have to tell you the whole story soon! 🙂

  1. Mom says:

    I spent the weekend with crafty relatives at your aunt’s cabin in the northwoods.
    7 sewing machines, 1 cricut machine, food laughter, gossip, walks and food!
    Your Aunts from Alaska, Colorado were there
    I have some new recipes for you!
    Feel better soon

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