Fun Facts (Day 30)

Holy crap! I can’t believe Blogtober14 is almost over! I’m pretty proud of myself for sticking with it as long as I did. I missed a few days, but otherwise I stayed on track.

Day 30’s prompt is “Facts About You”. So, let’s get right into it – here are some “fun facts” about me.

–> I’m absolutely, positively terrified of never being in love again and never getting married. I mean, I’m fine on my own and very independent, but I need to put that Pinterest “Someday” board to use at some point. 😉

–> This one totally contradicts the first, but I’m absolutely, positively terrified of dating. HA. I just wanna jump over that part, please. Online dating seems to make me the most nervous, but sometimes it feels like the only option. I’ve had some heartbreak in the past, so I think I’m just apprehensive of being vulnerable again. So I’ve got a Great Wall of Jessie protecting me (aka making it impossible for me to ever get a date).


–> I have a serious addiction to soda, specifically mountain dew. I know how horrible it is for me, but you give me the choice and I’ll choose that. I need to go off it cold-turkey again. This habit is getting bad.

–> I have a really, really, really hard time losing weight. I like to blame it on my hypothyroidism and bad genes, but I would say 95% of the issue is that I like mountain dew and spaghettios and hate working out. Again, another bad habit I need to break. It’s all mental and I know it. The struggle is real!

–> I’m a serious people-pleaser. I don’t like it when someone doesn’t like me, especially if I don’t know why. Drives me nuts.

–> I’m constantly exhausted, but I continue to overextend myself. Because, you know, having a full-time job that requires long weekends of events on top of my 40-hrs a week isn’t enough so I decided to start a second job this weekend. <insert angry emoji here>

–> I lovvvvve dogs. More than you’ll ever know. I used to train and show golden retrievers growing up.

–> I was in four pageants. I was in Miss Northeast Wisconsin for two years (won Miss Congeniality!) and was in two 4-H Fair Queen pageants (never got queen, but I was princess!)


–> I played flute and piccolo growing up and loved to sing. Hence the musical tattoo on my hip, even though I don’t play anymore. Music gets me through life.

–> I’m a strange one. I say random weird things to make people laugh, say stupid things without realizing it and basically just sometimes sound like I’m off my rocker. And I’m totally, 100% okay with it. Makes me, me.

–> I’m really bad at remembering sayings. My friend Saige always makes fun of me because I always screw them up and say them backwards or completely mess them up.

–> I hate spending money on myself and I worry about money 24/7/365.

–> I have a huge, huge, huge extended family. Huge.

Tell me something about you in the comments! I’d love to get to know you more. 

Helene in Between Blogtober

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    • Jessie says:

      They were! The 4H ones were much more relaxed and based on 4H-type things. The “normal” pageants were fun, but scary! I hope I never have to stand on a stage in a swimsuit again. 🙂

  1. John says:

    Great post 😀 I’m the same with people – I hate when someone doesn’t like me especially if I haven’t done anything to warrant them not liking me.
    I also do a 40 hour job and blog and do YouTube and I’m also looking for a second job for some extra cash – so I know how you feel about being exhausted 😛
    Stopping by from Helene’s link up:

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