Operation Get Fit for Ireland

As you may have heard, I won two airline tickets to Ireland.


I’ve been blabbing about it non-stop for the past few days, so I’m guessing you already know. For some reason this trip has lit a fire underneath my big, not toned ass to really kick it into gear health-wise. Therein comes “Operation Get Fit for Ireland”.

Get fit

As you can see, I decided it would be fun to play around with PicMonkey. Ha.

You see, in October while doing the Blogtober14 challenge that Helene and Taylor hosted, I wrote about my favorite trip to date which was when I visited San Francisco a few years ago. That post brought back memories of how out of shape I was and how embarrassed I was of being in pictures while there. Here I was, in one of the places I’ve always wanted to visit and I barely stood in any photos because I hated the way I looked. Granted, some of that was self-esteem issues that I’ve worked through and I have lost about 20 lbs. in the past four years. This last year has been quite the struggle for me, though. I’m still (technically) overweight for my height and unfortunately because of my tiny frame, even 3-5 extra pounds looks like 10 on me.

With that being said, I have struggled with these last 10-15 lbs I’d like to lose over the past year. I lost 10 of it and felt AWESOME and then lost all motivation and it all crept back on. It’s frustrating to see pictures of myself and know that I really have changed much (physically) in the past year because of all of this yo-yo dieting that I do.

Let’s try a sugar cleanse! *makes it three days*
Let’s try a XX-day challenge! *makes it three days*
Let’s try not eating fast food or drinking soda! *makes it three hours*

So as I was saying earlier before I went on this big tangent that no one cares about, somehow this Ireland trip has lit a fire under me … and I’m on my third day (as you can see above, this is usually when I give up). I want to go to Ireland and have the LAST THING on my mind be “Is my stomach sticking out in this picture?” With all thoughts aside about the trip, I just want to feel better about myself physically again. I don’t like feeling lethargic. I don’t like the way some foods make me feel even though they taste amazing. I don’t like it when my leggings or pants are tight. I don’t like worrying about my health because I have high cholesterol and heart disease/diabetes/all the bad diseases run in my family. (Seriously, I love my parents, but I have HORRIBLE GENES.) I just don’t like it and I’m done not liking it.

So with that, I’m hoping to use this blog as a little bit of a way to keep me motivated and let you in on some of the things I’m doing. Don’t worry, this won’t turn into a health and fitness only blog … I would miss funny gifs too much. Is that something any of you would be interested in hearing about from me? I’m thinking once a week on Wednesdays or maybe Thursdays… omg I have no idea yet.  I’ll update you on how Operation Get Fit for Ireland is going. 😉

How do you stay motivated to get healthy? If anyone wants a motivation partner, let me know!


  1. Katie says:

    Woohoo! While I’m plenty active, I also snack plenty, so I’m also overweight, thanks for the short legs (silly family genes). I love when anyone gets a fire lit under them, as it also usually helps me stay motivated!

    • Jessie says:

      I’m hoping I stay with it! I’m not going to go crazy and cut all kinds of things out like I normally do, but I’m still motivated to get healthy!

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