10 Things I’m Thankful For

Top of the morning to ya! (I’m pretending I’m Irish, go with it.)

The lovely Katelynn over at XO, Katelynn (go check her out – she the bomb dot com) tagged me in a “10 Things I’m Thankful For” post yesterday! Basically,  you tag 10 bloggers and then write 10 things you’re thankful for! Don’t forget to ‘thank’ the person that tagged you, and also be sure to leave them a comment letting them know you tagged them.

Well, yesterday was hard (basically it’s below zero here in NE Wisconsin and I’m too busy pouting and laying on top of my space heater to write  a blog post) so here I’m back today! Still as close to my space heater as physically possible without burning my tush, but that’s to be expected.

P.S. please note that I’m grateful for all the wonderful things a human being should be grateful for (like God, family, friends, food, my job, shelter, etc.), so I’m going to write about other things like Katelynn did in her post. I’m currently keeping a gratitude journal where I highlight those types of things that I heard about on Always Ashten’s blog, but that’s a post for another day. So before I start babbling about something else, here are 10 Things I’m Currently Thankful For! 

1) Hair straighteners and curling wands
I mean, seriously. If you’ve ever seen my hair in it’s “natural state” you would understand. I need something to tame this mane. Otherwise my hair is frizzier than Miss Frizzle being electrocuted. True story.

If you don’t know who Miss Frizzle is, please don’t tell me that because you’ll ruin my entire childhood. (Ok, I’m being dramatic, but you’ll ruin my WHOLE TUESDAY. Don’t be that person.)

2) Maxi skirts that disguise long underwear (even though I’m now telling the internet about it so they’re no longer disguised… nice one, Jessie.)
Hey, it’s cold here! High of 20, but feels like negative 7? No, thanks.


3) Space heaters
Again, it’s cold. Remind me why I live in Wisconsin?

4) Dog gifs
!!! Since I can’t have my own yet, I just keep looking at them on the internet. 





5) A good Packer season so far (KNOCK ON WOOD)
I currently have a lot less anxiety than normal when it comes to the Packers. Plus, I mean, Clay Matthews.

6) Zac Efron
I’m apparently on the man train today (everyday). I’ve been single way too long. 😉


7) Pinterest
How else would I never get anything done? Plus, it’s helping me decide (read: get more confused) what I should do with my hair on Friday. It’s been a year since I’ve had anyone fix my hair, so my stylist is probably going to kill me.

8) Calendars
I have a weird obsession with calendars. I have a large desk calendar, two google calendars and a white board calendar at home. I also have a little schedule book somewhere, too. It takes a lot of calendars to keep my life organized!


9) Spark
I’m still debating whether I want to start selling Advocare (basically time is my biggest deterrent at the moment), but I sure wouldn’t mind getting my Spark cheaper. That stuff is soooooooo good. Fruit Punch and Watermelon are my favorite.


10) A garage
This may seem trivial, but having a garage to protect my old-a$$ car from the cold is amazing. My car is just as temperamental as me when it comes to the cold, so it’s nice to have it hidden away over night. Plus then I don’t have to scrape off my car – SCORE!

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