OGFFI: I Like Acronyms

Welcome back to Operation Get Fit For Ireland (OGFFI because I love acronyms)! Wanna know what I’ve been up to??


<insert mad emoji face here>

Get fit

So remember how not even a week ago I was writing about how pumped I was to get in shape, hoping to be healthy by the time I go to Ireland next year (or hopefully before)? Well, I was really into it last week and then winter hit on Monday and I haven’t done crap. I’m also a little frustrated that I still haven’t heard back from the company I won the trip from. I know they’re just trying to get everything all together, but I wanna know nowwwwww. (patience… not my strong suit). And my final excuse is that I’m tired, it’s cold and I’m frustrated about my upcoming Milwaukee trip so I’m pouting.


OK. And now that I got all of those excuses out of the way, let’s get this thing started! Sometimes I just need to get that all out, realize how childish pessimistic ridiculous I’m being and move on. So here’s what I’ve done since last Wednesday.


Wednesday: Body Pump after work
Thursday: 30 minutes of elliptical time with a friend after work (not too crazy, but at least I did something)
Friday: No workout. I worked my full time job and then went straight to my waitressing job for five hours. Does running around a restaurant count as exercise?
Saturday: Morning Zumba class (with an instructor that realllllllly loved watching herself)
Sunday: Stairs and kettlebell work, then another 5 hour waitressing shift of running my butt off
Monday: Sitting on the couch
Tuesday: Sitting on the couch
Today: I’m going to Body Pump after work! I’M GOING, I’M GOING, I’M GOING.

Healthy Eating

I’m actually pretty proud of myself in the “going out to eat” way. Meaning I didn’t go out for like a million meals like I normally do because I’m lazy (and because Chipotle). I made myself two big pots of soup that lasted me most meals. I also made myself breakfast most days (until this Monday and Tuesday hit). I’ve been tracking calories in My Fitness Pal again (Add me as a friend if you do that, too!) Now, I haven’t been perfect and I’m still having trouble with my soda addiction, but for my first week I think I did pretty well!

Weekly Goals

I didn’t make any goals last week, so I can’t look back on those. I did lose 2 lbs this past week, though, so that’s encouraging!

Do not gain any weight. Of course, I would love to lose weight this week again, but I’m going to Milwaukee this weekend (even though I’m currently pissy about my plans) and I’m just not going to sit and worry about every morsel of food. And, let’s be real, I won’t be working out Friday or Saturday. And probably not Sunday.
Cut back to one or less sodas per day. I drink this shit like it’s water, which is not okay. I know it’s bad for me. I KNOW THIS. And I still drink it.
Absolutely no fast food. Mind you, Chipotle, sub shops, etc. do not count. I’m talking no McDonalds breakfast (or Coke zeros), Taco Bell (WHY, JESSIE, WHY). Plus, I’ll be in Milwaukee for three days where they have some of the awesomest restaurants. Though I have decided that I need to stop at Potbelly for a sub and Trader Joes for groceries.

So there you have it! This week wasn’t the best, but honestly wasn’t the worst either. Currently I’m just trying to pull myself out of this crabby funk (I have trouble with the early start of winter every year – my mood retaliates) and just be grateful.

P.S. Is there anything you’d like to see more of when it comes to my OGFFI? Any tips you have? Or maybe any of you volunteer to slap the crabby out of me, please?


  1. Katelynn Sue says:

    Hey! Some work is better than no work! And YES waitressing for 5 hours counts. At least you’re not sitting on the couch for those 5 hours 😉

    PS- YOU WON A TRIP TO IRELAND!! sayyy whaaaaat!!
    Katelynn Sue recently posted…Couple ThingsMy Profile

    • Jessie says:

      I did!!!! That’s one thing I need to keep reminding myself! I may be pissy because it’s snowy and some of my friends are being poops, but I’M GOING TO IRELAND!!! 🙂

  2. Megan says:

    I totally feel you on the whole winter thing + being in a funk. Winter makes it difficult to do anything sometimes! It looks like you did pretty well last week & waitressing definitely counts!! I love Body Pump & have seen amazing results from it so I definitely recommend it!

    • Jessie says:

      Ugh, I agree! Winter is so difficult, especially in the beginning when you’re not used to it yet. I’m glad you get me. 🙂 And thanks! I’m loving Body Pump so far! I’m only able to go once per week due to my gyms schedule, but I love the way I feel afterwards.

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