OGFFI: Week 2 Recap

Get fitAnnnnnnnnnnd we’re back!

Okay, so things went sort of okay-ish during Week 2. I mean, I know I could’ve done a LOT better, but hey. I’ve done worse. So I’m going to be proud of what I’ve done and work harder this week.

So, in Week 2 I was having a rough time with seasonal crabbines, as I like to call it. I couldn’t get out of bed. I couldn’t get off the couch. It was cold, it was gross and I was over it (even though it’s just begun). I’ll be honest – I worked out one time last week.


Let’s just say I’m not going to get fit only working out once a week. However, I’m not holding myself in two bad of a light because I still tracked all of my calories and even though I was indulgent in Milwaukee this past weekend, I really didn’t eat that bad. And I had a total of four drinks the entire weekend, instead of going crazy like I may have done in the past. My hangover-less body was proud of that, too. So, without further adieu here’s the eats, workouts and goals!


Wednesday: Body Pump
Thursday: Nothing
Friday: Nothing
Saturday: Nothing
Sunday: Nothing
Monday: Nothing
Tuesday: Nothing
I suck at working out apparently ^^


While I did have some indulgences this past weekend in Milwaukee, I was actually pretty good with portion control. And when the ladies ordered pizza after we got home from having a drink, I didn’t have any! I didn’t want any, but normally once it’s right in front of my face, I’ll still eat it. WOOHOO SELF CONTROL!! I still indulged in foods like a Nestle Crunch Donut, a couple of drinks and chips and salsa, but I just ate until I was full and it all worked out. Granted, I cannot eat like this every week otherwise I’ll never lose weight, but weekends like this happen very rarely.

Weight Loss

Week 1: -2 lbs
Week 2: Stayed the same

Weekly Goals

Last Week’s Goals
Do not gain any weight: PASS! I mean, I’m a little sad that I didn’t lose any, but after an indulgent, pretty workout-less week, I’m proud of myself.
Cut back to one or less sodas per day: FAIL. The funny thing is, I failed on this right away last Wednesday … like right after I wrote the post. I honestly “forgot”. I had a soda in the morning and then one at lunch. And then I had a few sips of diet pepsi while waitressing on Tuesday night. I was soooooo tired and water just wasn’t doin’ it for me. But the rest of the week I was good!
– Absolutely no fast food: PASS!

This Week’s Goals
Cut back to one or less sodas per day.¬†Going back to this one until I can pass it. Then I’ll cut back even more.
Workout at least three times¬†between now at the next OGFFI post. No more of this one day a week nonsense. I know it’s Thanksgiving this week, but I can still fit in some workouts.
Do not gorge yourself at Thanksgiving. Now, please don’t take this as that I won’t be enjoying t-day. That’s not what I mean. I just mean that I will eat the foods that I like, but in moderation. There’s no need to go crazy.
No alcohol. I really don’t drink alcohol anyway, but I just want to cut it out entirely this week, especially after enjoying a few this last week.

Do you have any workout/healthy goals? Tell me what they are in the comments below!


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