A Sleepy Monday

I literally can’t even today. My body thought it would be fun to NOT SLEEP last night and I’m the captain of the struggle bus this blustery Monday morning. I mean, seriously, Wisconsin? Are the negative temps really necessary?

This past long weekend has been much needed. (I’m looking forward to the next one in a few weeks. Holiday time off is the BEST). Since I didn’t talk about Thanksgiving in last Thursday and Friday’s posts, I’ll let you in on my long weekend.

This poor cat.

This poor cat.

Wednesday we got out of work early and headed over to a local bar (where I totally forgot about my goals for this week’s OGFFI and already screwed myself on the no alcohol goal) and then headed to the gym for Body Pump. Thursday I headed an hour north for Thanksgiving with my family and then got sick (per usual when I eat “heavy” foods after eating pretty healthy). My sister spent the night and we met my mom early at a furniture store to pick up a bed frame/headboard that was on sale for $99. Basically I’ve wanted a tufted headboard/bed forEVER and my dad was going to make one, but my mom found a similar one on sale (no tufting, but similar fabric and still cool). Can’t pick it up for a few weeks though. I took one step in Younkers after that and was over Black Friday. I don’t do pushy crowds, especially on less than 6 hours of sleep, so I went home and rested until I had to go in to waitress.

Moving on to the actual weekend. Saturday was glorrrrrrrrrious. I slept in until 10:30 a.m. (after staying up until 1 a.m. watching Sons of Anarchy on HuluPlus) and did nothing all day. I had plans to workout, but I just let myself not do anything. I watched a lot of SOA, YouTube and somehow made my apartment a disaster zone. Sunday I got up (late again, damn you SOA!) I kept thinking someone was trying to kill me all night so I couldn’t sleep. I literally slept with a hammer next to my bed because somehow I thought that’d protect me from the biker killers. So I woke up, did a quick HIIT workout, got Chipotle and cleaned until my mom showed up. Then we took off to watch the Packers beat the Patriots – woot! I then spent the rest of the night watching YouTube and trying to regain feeling in my face, legs and hands after that cold game.

IMG_5532I also checked my schedule at my waitressing job only to find out they have me schedule for F-I-V-E shifts this week on top of a full-time job. Guess they didn’t listen when I told them I could work a max of 1-2 days/week? Oh well, I suppose I need the Christmas money. Also people, 10% is not an okay tip if you have a good server … and I’m a good server.

So, this post is pretty much all over the place, but now you know what I did this weekend. 🙂 Today I get to leave work early for a doctor appointment. Yay? NOT. I hate doctors.

How was your weekend?
Anyone else feel me on the “lack of tips”?
I forgot how frustrating it was.

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