OGFFI: Week 3 Recap

Goooooooood mornin’ (or afternoon or evening) everybody!

This Ireland trip is starting to stress me out! I still haven’t gotten any information back about when I can book my trip from the company, my dad just told me he basically can only go one month next year AND I keep having dreams that they take the trip away. As you might have guessed, patience is struggle for this little one.

patienceMoving on to the actual “Get fit” part of Operation Get Fit for Ireland even though I still don’t know when the eff I’m going! Week 3 went pretty well! I’m not even close to being super healthy, but I feel like I’m making little strives in the right direction every week. With a holiday thrown in there, I’ve done pretty well!


Wednesday: Body Pump after work
Thursday: Daily Cup of Kate’s Thankful Workout before heading out for T-day
Friday: Does standing in line at one store for Black Friday, taking a nap and waitressing count? No?
Saturday: None
Sunday: Tone It Up Love Your Body with HIIT workout
Monday: None
Tuesday: Nada


I’m getting a bit better in regards to portion control, but I’m truly truly TRULY struggling with soda. I just can’t seem to quit it, which I blame a lot of the sugar and caffeine addiction, especially because I’m having trouble sleeping. I got pretty sick at Thanksgiving from the food I ate (family makes great food, my body just isn’t used to cream/butter in EVERYTHING) and then I got sick AGAIN on Saturday for no apparent reason. Maybe I had a weird bug or something, but my stomach was hating me last week. I’ve also been getting heart burn for a long time and my doctor seems to think it might be from the soda. Coooooool. I will say that I didn’t eat the healthiest of foods in the past week (Thanksgiving, ravioli/garlic bread for DAYS, chips/salsa (<– problem), soda, sushi…) but I’ve been careful with portions and all those things I listed didn’t happen repeatedly. This week I want to hunker down a bit better and make some homemade meals (which means I need to go grocery shopping). Besides getting fit for Ireland, I also need to save money to spend at all the pubs while I search for my Irish lad. 😉


I’m not really a huge fan of putting how much I actually weigh up on the internet, but if that’s something that would be more interesting than the -2 or +3 lb thing below, let me know! I may change it up. We’ll see. Or maybe pictures? IDK!

Week 1: -2 lbs
Week 2: No gain/loss
Week 3: -1.6 lbs

Weekly Goals

Last Week’s Goals:
Cut back to one or less sodas per day. BIG GIGANTIC FAIL. I’ve been sticking to “about” one soda a day … meaning a bottle of it. This is a hard one for me. Any tricks? Maybe I need to go cold turkey and hate myself for three days. This “one a day” thing doesn’t seem to be working.
Workout at least three times between now and the next OGFFI post. Pass! I worked out three times last week, though none of them at the gym. You can see my workouts up there. (Katie’s Thanksgiving workout may be my new favorite quick workout.)
Do not gorge yourself at Thanksgiving. Pass! I didn’t gorge myself, yet I still got sick. This time is wasn’t from portion, but rather from too much dairy. I don’t eat much dairy anymore, so when you have butter/cream/milk in basically every dish, my stomach was NOT HAPPY.
No alcohol. FAIL … which I’m STILL MAD ABOUT. This was an honest “I forgot” moment. I thought this would be the easiest one because I rarely drink anymore (I like giving myself a few attainable goals so I don’t completely fail at life) and the same day last week’s post went up, I had a Redd’s Apple Ale after work with my boss and a coworker. Last minute invite, last minute decision and I didn’t realize until the middle of Body Pump that I had just made that goal. Whoopsie. Otherwise, no alcohol for me!

This Week’s Goals:
– Again, the soda issue. One soda per day, NONE while waitressing. If anyone has any pointers on the soda issue, let me know. As for no soda while waitressing, I have this wonderful little fountain machine in front of me all night and when I have nothing to do, habit takes over and I reach for a soda refill. Well, guess what! The water nozzle is right next to it. Plus, having soda at night makes it impossible to sleep.
– Hit the 130s. Well, I just said like three paragraphs ago that I was afraid of saying weight on here, but whatever. I’m super close to the 130s and I wanna get back in there. Plus, once I’m in the 130s, I’m super close to the 120s which is where my goal weight is! 🙂
– No alcohol. Mostly putting this one back up because I’m irritated I messed this up last week.
– Workout at least 3x per week. (at least once at the gym since I pay for it)
– Max of three meals out this week. This is going to be challenging for me, but I need to go grocery shopping and do some cooking.

Here’s to another great week!


Are any of you out there trying to stay healthy throughout the holidays (or just in general)? 


  1. Megan says:

    Soda is SO tough to quit cold turkey! I always craved the taste of Mt Dew. I like to get those crystal light packets that have caffeine or energy in them to put in water.. You could try those to replace soda? Keep it up! You got this!!
    Megan recently posted…four day weekend shenanigans.My Profile

    • Jessie says:

      You know, I used to use those and then just stopped but maybe I should get back into them for the time being! Just to get me off soda. Thanks for the encouragement, Megan! 🙂

    • Jessie says:

      Thanks for stopping by – I’m glad you like it! 🙂 I’ve actually never even thought of trying mineral water … I’ve never even had mineral water! I’ll have to try it out. Thanks for the idea, Kris!

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