TYT: The time I got chocolate all over my new shirt

Welcome back, friends! I’m linking up with Becky today for another Treat Yourself Tuesday.


This past week consisted of a lot of not working out, eating candy and working too much. But you’ll hear more about my bad exercising tips in tomorrow’s OGFFI (you can see the latest post here).

The first thing I treated myself to last week was a night off (sort of) on Wednesday. I still had to go in for a meeting, but when they asked me if I’d like to be cut from serving that night, I jumped at the opportunity. I’ve been working way too much between my two jobs and I’ve forgotten just how stressful waitressing can be (especially on top of a full time job). Unfortunately my blog has taken a hit in posting/creativity and so has my sleep.

Something I need to remind myself ...

Something I need to remind myself …

Anyways, after working all week, I woke up Saturday with a migraine (which is my body’s way of saying, JESSIE SLOW DOWN) and “treated” myself to a Code Red Mountain Dew (caffeine) and a large dose of migraine meds. After that wore off, I drove up to my parent’s house and went Christmas tree shopping/decorating with Dad, Jenny and Buddy (one of the pups). I also got my Tone It Up shirt (it used to be here, but I’m guessing they sold out of them for now since the sale was so good) that I bought on Cyber Monday that I’ve wanted for FOREVER. So comfy. (Although it’s now covered in stain remover because I spilled my next treat all over it.)

IMG_5558Sunday I ran over to Target to pick up some ingredients for chili and made a last minute purchase of the chocolate pictured below and it was probably the best decision I’ve ever made (though a better decision would’ve been buying the whole box).

After Target I stopped over at Chipotle for one of my three meals I’m allowed to have out this week and it was so great! I like having Chipotle before going in to work on Sundays because it keeps me full so I don’t sneak any fried chicken at work.

IMG_5556Then after working a five-hour shift and running my butt off, I decided ice cream was a good choice. Not good for my diet or stomach, though. I regretted it immediately after eating it, but whatever! Oliver enjoyed it.

IMG_5561And that’s it for my TYT! What did you do to treat yourself this week?