OGFFI: Week 4 Recap


And we’re back! If you’ve missed any of my recent posts on Operation Get Fit for Ireland, you can check them out here:
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So this past week didn’t go as well as I would’ve liked, BUT I’m continuing to take baby steps in the right direction. Again, I want this to be a lifestyle change, not just another gimmick diet that I fall victim to. Granted, I’m using Ireland as a big motivational push, but everyone needs that (especially in the beginning), right?

Here’s something I learned this week as well which explains a few hurdles I’ve been dealing with health-wise as of late. My thyroid levels were high again. If you didn’t know, I have hypothyroidism which basically affects every.single.part. of my body, including metabolism, sleep, bodily fluid … releasing functions (TMI, sorry), hair loss, skin dryness, moods, etc. My doctor did a routine test of my thyroid last Monday and test results showed that it’s high again. All that means is that I can blame my lack of weight loss on that (instead of the chocolate I keep eating) and that my dosage of meds needs to go up. They’ll re-check it in about six weeks to see if it’s evened itself out. (Don’t mind the poor quality of the next photo … it fit too well to not include!)



Honesty is the best policy, correct? Well in that case, I did not workout one time this week. As in … zerrrrrrrrrrrrrro. I did work five shifts waitressing where I run/walked my hind end off, but no actual workout happened. I know, I know. This is the hardest one for me because I really do not like working out. It’s not fun to me. I haven’t found a workout that I truly love. Plus, with all the work shifts I’ve had lately, I’m not working out by the time I get home because I can barely stand and ain’t no way in hell I’m getting up at 5 a.m. So I’ve gotta figure something out.


I’m continuing to get better with this! Soda is still a huge struggle for me, as is increasing my water intake. I’ve been doing much better with portions and I only went out to eat three times this week (which means I hit my goal – YAY!). Those included:

Wednesday Lunch: Big Apple Bagels with coworkers for lunch (Holy Guacomole bagel sandwich, sunchips, iced tea.)
Sunday Brunch: Chipotle burrito bowl (rice, veggies, chicken pico, green salsa, guac, lettuce)
Tuesday Dinner with Jenny (sister): Bad, bad, bad food at Buca Di Beppo – whoops


One of my three meals out

I did, however, stop at the gas station a few too many times on my way to work to pick up a soda and/or breakfast bar because I didn’t go grocery shopping. I ate most of my lunches/dinners at home and I’ve been making a few random dishes with leftover food I have. I do need to go grocery shopping soon, though. I’ll be out of town for work on Sunday-Tuesday so I know I’ll be going out to restaurants a lot more than this week, but that’s a rarity. I will say that throwing together quinoa, black beans, rotel tomatoes with chilies and ground turkey was probably the best “throw together” meal I’ve ever made – and it lasted for multiple meals!! Mmmm.

IMG_5545 (1)


I’m putting my big girl pants leggings on and actually listing my weight this time. I wanna throw up, but it’s going to *hopefully* keep me accountable. Please remember that I’m 5’1″ and if you way more than I do now, it’s probably because you’re not a “people nugget like me.

1970562_775628971751_2002602118_nAnd the shirt that I’m referring to … ^^

For reference, my highest weight was about a year after college right when they found my hypothyroidism and I weight in at 165 lbs. I lost 30 of that in the last 2.5 years and then gained 10 of it back. The last year I spent yo-yoing between 135-147 until I moved out of Milwaukee and decided to start over. Anyways, back to the weight thing that I’m pretending I don’t have to talk about.

Week 1: – 2lbs (142 lbs.)
Week 2: Stayed the same (142 lbs)
Week 3: -1.6 lbs (140.4 lbs)
Week 4: -0.6 lbs (139.8 lbs) (!!!!!!!)

Weekly Goals

Last Week’s Goals:
– One soda per day, NONE while waitressing. Fail-ish/Pass-ish! Ok, well. Nope. BUT I did so much better. I only had a slip up on one day where I had two sodas and I had a migraine that day. Code Red and my migraine medication is a necessity when I have a true migraine – I don’t care what kind of diet I’m on. Now, the pepsi I had later at my parent’s house was another story. So no, I technically still didn’t beat this one. I did only stick to water at my waitressing job, though, which is a win!
– Hit the 130s. Pass! Barely, but it counts! I was 139.6 one day last week, but it looks like .2 lbs snuck back on.
– No alcohol. Pass! Easy, peasy.
– Workout at least 3x per week. Big giantic fail. Something I need to work on this week, though I will be traveling for work which may be difficult. I really, truly, hate working out. I’ve been talking to my Tone It Up partner, Katie, about this. I’ve been inspired by Alyssa to try out a barre class, though. I’m going to look into it. Plus, another Katie keeps inadvertently making me think about yoga. 🙂
– Max of three meals out this week. Pass! I’m very proud of myself on this one. I won’t be able to stick to this one this next week because I’ll be in Chicago for a work conference Sunday-Tuesday, but I’m still going to be careful.

 This Week’s Goals:
– Less soda. One per day, none while waitressing. I’m getting ticked at myself about this one.
– Increase water intake, especially on days off.  I’ve fallen off the water bandwagon and need to jump back on that.
– Remain healthy while facing lots of work goodies. Fortunately (or unfortunately – depends how you look at it), my job includes a lot of dinners/lunches/happy hours/parties, etc. and with that comes poor food/drink choices. Since I hope to be in this job for a long, long time, I might as well learn how to be careful now when I have all of these events! I struggled this fall during our crazy month of like 25 events, so I’m going to try a lot harder. Just in the next week I have a conference in Chicago for three days and a holiday party tomorrow night.Let’s just say Wisconsin isn’t exactly known for eating well and northern Wisconsin is probably the worst. And when I tell people I’m not drinking they look at me like I’m a circus freak, so this’ll be fun. 🙂 I will allow myself treats this week, I just need to be conscious of portion.
– No candy. Yep! If I’m going to have around 8 meals out this week (geeeeez), then I can cut out candy. Right? Oh, this is gonna hurt my soul. Chocolate is my boyfriend, so it’s going to be a lonely week. Heh.
– Workout twice this week. I’m being realistic, though I hope to beat this goal!
– Look into Barre Class! I really want to find a workout I love. I do like Body Pump, but my gym offers the class at such weird times that I can’t always take it.
– Don’t gain any weight – try to lose 1 lb if possible. This may be a stretch with my thyroid being out of whack AND going out to eat so much, but I’m going to try!

That’s a lot of goals, but I figure I might as well reach high, right? I’d love any motivation or  tips on how to stay healthy for conferences! Any ideas?


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