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It’s no surprise that I read a lot of blogs. Like, a lot. And now I watch a lot of YouTube videos. No wonder I don’t have a boyfriend. 

I noticed that one of my favorite bloggers (My Food N’ Fitness Diaries) was doing this “Thinking Out Loud” link-up with Running with Spoons, so I thought I’d try it out this week! I like the premise of the link-up, which you can read about here.


One. I’m feeling awful this morning and it’s entirely my fault. I went on a crazy “let’s eat ALL THE COOKIES” binge yesterday AND had Taco Bell for dinner. Today I just feel bloated and uncomfortable. Yayyyyyy.

Two. I’m one of those people that will talk to pretty much anyone, especially to someone that looks like they’re being left out. Good thing I work in alumni relations and events, right?? Well, I went to a function last night and for once I was the outsider being left out. It was so awkward and I ended up leaving early. I tried inserting myself in a few conversations, but it just wasn’t working. I was stumped. Has this ever happened to you?

Three. I’m so ready for it to be Saturday, it’s not even funny. I work both jobs today (wah) and tomorrow (wah wah), but I have the day off on Saturday (!!!!!). Then I leave Sunday morning for a conference. But SATURDAY is the DAY! I’m going to do all the things! So mostly just sit on the couch!

Four. Losing weight is hard, yo. I’ve been trying for SO long and I think I’m making a lot of excuses. I say I’m doing this slowly, but in reality I think I just don’t want to push myself. Any motivation would be appreciated. (You can read my latest weight loss posts here.)

Five. I have absolutely been loving Jordyn’s (The Fairy Princess Diaries) posts, especially these two. I can relate to her on so many levels. Check them out!

Six. I have a love/hate (mostly hate/hate) relationship with online dating, but at this point in my life I’m not sure how I’m going to meet anyone. I work two jobs, leaving me with pretty much no time to spend time with anyone. Plus being in a new-ish area doesn’t help. I usually end up signing up for some random site and canceling it three days later because I remember why I hate it so much. It doesn’t help that my very first online date about two years ago was with a crazy guy who brought me gifts, but that’s a story for another day.


Seven. I shouldn’t be allowed to have snapchat because 1) I’m almost 27 and 2) I send people things like this. (You’re welcome, Carver.)


Eight. I’m so stinkin’ nervous about this whole Ireland thing! I just emailed the company today to ask if they needed anything else from me. I have my mind made up that I’m going to “lose the trip” or something. My sister thinks I’m a nut case, but I think I’m just not used to having good things happen to me.

Nine. I’m actually pretty excited for this conference I’m going to this weekend. I love learning new things, especially about a field I’m still new in (that being higher education alumni relations). PLUS I’ll be in Chicago and for some reason that city always gets me excited.

Ten. I’m so excited for the upcoming couple of months! Of course there’s Christmas coming up (which also means time of work YAY SLEEP). In the beginng of January I’m going to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra with my family  and I’m SO HAPPY. Their shows are always amazing – I highly recommend them. Then I have a few hockey events in January that I’m excited about for work, PLUS it’s my birthday. Wanna know what happens on my birthday besides me crying myself to sleep that I’ll be 27? BACKSTREET BOYS MOVIE COMES OUT!!!!



Thankfully Christina over at Olive does the City understands my excitement.

What are your Thursday thoughts? Tell me something, anything! 🙂


    • Jessie says:

      I’m totally there with you! It’s a rough world out there bein’ single. Hopefully someday it’ll all work out. That’s what I keep telling myself. 🙂

  1. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    Thanks for linking up to ToL this week, girl! Reading random thoughts is my favourite way to get to know a blogger 😀 And omigosh… SO with you on the online dating thing. It’s crazy hard to meet new people when you’re out of school and constantly working, but the internet is full of some crazies too. That being said, I know some people who have had success with it, so you never know!
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. thinking out loud #108 .My Profile

  2. Renee @ Bendiful Blog says:

    I literally came over just for the poo photo! And I’m almost 33 so maturity knows NO age 🙂 I needed a good laugh so thank you for that. It is hard to meet new people outside of the internet these days…and since the internet is filled with creepers I would image it makes for great content for a book! 🙂
    Renee @ Bendiful Blog recently posted…Ladies Who LunchMy Profile

  3. Jordyn says:

    First of all I could not agree more about online dating…I have no idea how else to meet people (I mean I work as a nanny so work dating isn’t even an option) but it’s also just awkward and sort of awful and feels so in-genuine. I NEED to hear the story about this gift guy!

    And of course thank you soo soo much for the shoutout, you are so sweet and I am so happy you feel like you can relate to what I wrote. You are so lovely <3

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