Thinking Out Loud #2

Well, since the last time I posted was LAST Thursday during Thinking Out Loud, I figured I should probably step it up. ๐Ÿ™‚ My fitness post that is supposed to go up on Wednesday will now be up tomorrow in case anyone is just dying to read about how I did on that.

Thinking-Out-Loud2One.ย I’m one of those people that hates new trends in the beginning and then eventually starts loving them. (Fake) leather leggings? Yes, please. Sparkle leggings? Sure. Holiday leggings? Yes, even though I don’t have any. Ok, really any kind of legging.

IMG_5609Also, probably has to do with the issue that I never notice my pants are fitting if I gain weight. Thank God for elastic waistbands.

Two. I was in Chicago Sunday-Tuesday for a work conference and I just love that city. Really I just love any city, but still. I could never afford to live there, though. Ouch. Thankfully all of my meals were paid for by work.


Three. I had the day off yesterday for vacation, but it ended up turning into a semi-sick day. I’ve been super sick to my stomach since early Wednesday morning. So. Much. Fun. But I did just eat a Chipotle burrito bowl, so I’m hoping I don’tย soon regret that. Anyways, during my day off, I finished up a little bit of Christmas shopping in the morning before coming home to wrap gifts and sleep off this stomach bug.

IMG_5602And, of course, I found the sparkle bag and most shiny paper possible. Hey, at least this year I didn’t get anything with glitter on it? (That’s a lie – I have a huge glitter bow on my front door, but SHHHH.)

Four. My cat thinks he’s pretty awesome. P.S. When can I have a dog? Oliver needs a friend.

IMG_5608$5 says he tears apart at least one of those gifts.

Five. I will agree with Amanda here – how is it almost Christmas? I get plenty of time off between the holidays (well, at least from my full-time job) so I hope to use that time laying on the couch and getting to the gym. Mostly the getting to the gym part since I’m pretty sure they’ve forgotten what I look like by now since I haven’t been there in weeks.

Six. I have always told myself that I hate chocolate covered pretzels and today I just proved myself wrong … after almost 27 (ouch) years of life. I’ve always thought I wouldn’t like them since I’m not a huge fan of pretzels. Well, today while our boss was giving us Christmas gifts (which was way super nice and I got BEAUTIFUL gold/white appetizer plates) I decided to try one and HOLY GUACAMOLE PRETZELS! That meeting was right before lunch and I’ve since eaten probably 10 of those babies (I’m writing this during my lunch hour) – whoopsie.

Seven. I am recently obsessed with long underwear. Sure, I’ve worn them before for Packer games, but recently I’ve just been wearing them around the house. Anyways, I found some long underwear type pajamas at Target yesterday and they were 40% off so … I don’t ever want to take them off. As you can see, I got so excited that I immediately put them on last night and displayed them to all of Instagram.

IMG_5610Eight. Can you overdose on anti-nausea pills? I’m just gonna go with no.

I don’t have any other important thoughts to fill you in on, so I’m going to end it there to spare you from more ramblings. ๐Ÿ™‚ Tell me one of your random Thursday Thoughts!