OGFFI: A day late!

… actually two days late, but I’m too tired to change the title

This week has been nuts. I was in Chicago for three days (Sunday-Tuesday) for a work conference and barely had enough time to sleep (though those hotel beds are COMFORTABLE) let alone blog. Yesterday I had the day off, originally thinking it’d be a fun day to play catch-up, but I’ve got some sort of stomach bug that’s kicking me in the butt. So, that’s my ramble for the day … let’s get into Operation Get Fit for Ireland! 


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Being in Chicago for three days for work did not help the whole “let’s eat well and exercise!” Instead it was more of a “let’s eat ALL THE THINGS” and “SIT A LOT DURING THE CONFERENCE” and “SLEEP IN THE AWESOME HOTEL BED”! #yolo (<— I hate myself for that.)


Zero. Again. I even packed workout clothes with me to go to Chicago. 🙁 I did a lot of walking while in Chicago, but no actual working out again. I’ve lost all motivation! I think I just have too much going on and since I don’t really love working out, that’s the first thing I’ll cut out. Promising myself that I’ll start up again, though.


There were a LOT of meals out this week since I basically had to while at my conference. And you know what? I didn’t hold myself back. I was careful, but hell yes I had a cider and chocolate mousse when I went out for our last dinner with my coworkers. I enjoyed it and moved on. Granted, now that I’m home I need to get back on track. I’m trying not to be so hard on myself for this one – especially since my job involves being around a lot of food, and not necessarily healthy food. So, just training myself to be mindful. It’s a lifestyle, not a diet, right? Yes, I do lose weight a lot faster when I count every single calorie, but I also lose out on doing fun things. I’ve just got to master the art of balance.

Weight Loss

Oh, the wonderfulness of weight loss. Let’s just say I’m up a bit from last week, but I am not surprised. No, I’m not happy about it, but there’s no use beating myself up!

Weekly Goals

Last Week’s Goals:
– Less sodaPass! I did have less soda up until yesterday where I went a bit crazy.
– Increase water intake, especially on days off. Still needs work, but pass! I did increase my intake, but I still could use some improvement.
– Remain healthy while facing lots of work goodies. Pass! While I did have some unhealthy meals out last week, I was careful with portion.
– No candy. Pass, I think! I don’t remember having any candy. That counts, right?
– Workout twice this week. Fail. Boo.
– Look into Barre Class! I looked into it, but didn’t move forward. So, pass/fail?
– Don’t gain any weight – try to lose 1 lb if possible. Fail. <Insert sad face here>

This Week’s Goals:
– Workout at least once. Seriously, seriously.
– Go at least one day without soda. I need to kick this awful, awful habit.
Lose 1 lb. Slowly but surely? Jeez, this is taking forever.
– Grocery shop and make meals up until I go home for Christmas Eve. I’ve been almost completely out of food for weeks now. I need to get back into meal planning and having food at home so I don’t have to run out and get food. It’s expensive!
– Only three meals out. 
– Write in my grateful journal every night. While this doesn’t necessarily tie into OGFFI, I’ve been having some health issues and I need to remember that I have so many things to be grateful for instead of getting down on the things I can’t control.

Are you staying healthy this winter/holiday season?