TYT: I Heart Blanket Scarves

Since it’s after Christmas and I just quit my second job (YAY – SUPER STRESSFUL MAKE NO MONEY WAITRESSING JOB IS GONE), I’ve been keeping the treats to a minimum. At least the ones I buy myself. 😉 I do need to “treat” myself to some groceries, because my whole “let’s get healthy for Ireland/the new year” isn’t gonna work out if home girl keeps stopping to get a Taco Bell “sample” every night after work. Just kidding, I only did that once (last night), but I still feel awful about it.

Anyways, for this week’s Treat Yourself Tuesday with Becky, here are two treats I’ve had in the past week that are making me feel so very happy. First off was my annual night to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I love them so much! They were spectacular, per usual and their pyrotechnics were on point.

IMG_5663My poor sister had to deal with me screaming “OHMYGODDIDYOUSEEWHATTHEYJUSTDID” about 956 times throughout the show.


I spent the rest of the weekend hanging out with some cool people (I’m good at vague), watching great movies like Pitch Perfect, Despicable Me and Guardians of the Galaxy with one of the aforementioned cool people (again, Vague Princess over here), watching other football teams play each other (no Packers = stuck watching the NFL’s “other teams”) and watching a lot of Vampire Diaries (mostly for Ian Somerhalder, obvs). I lead the most exciting life, you have no idea.

So anyways, do you know what it’s like in Wisconsin at this very moment? Let’s talk about the negative 30 wind chills we’re feeling right now. I mean, seriously. Now do you guys understand why we’re so well known for being the drunk state? You would drink too if it was negative 30.  I’m currently bundled up with a blanket and a space heater within a foot of my legs, but my neck/chest is all nice and cozy because I finally fell into another trend. The blanket scarf!

IMG_5684(Don’t mind the fur behind my shoulder … that’s just my coat that I finally took off.)

I love this thing! I got it on Groopdealz for like $14 and it’s honestly as big as me. Seriously, you should’ve watched me trying to maneuver the thing onto my short little body this morning. Luckily that’s for me (and my cat) to know and for you to not. Happy Tuesday!

Have you treated yourself to anything fun this week? 


  1. Katie says:

    Love that scarf! (although I have a post scheduled to go up in 90 minutes that really says I do not need to buy another freaking scarf). You can feel free to send me a message with the details about all your vagueness, i have a feeling I would really like the details!! hehe, or you can keep your secrets for now…
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  2. Mom says:

    If I had not sold the Packer tickets for Sunday-I’m sure you would have bundled up with every piece of clothing you own including the blanket scarf & would have been cheering in sec 112!!

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