Day in the Life: Work Travel Day

I love these posts. I decided to do one on a day that I was out of the office but, of course, I forgot to finish it. It sucks not having a computer at home! So this is from last Thursday when we made the trek out to Minnesota for a hockey alumni social for work.

6:30 AM: Alarm goes off, mess around on Facebook and Instagram for 15 minutes.

6:45 AM: Crap, I need to get ready. Quickly straighten my hair, find something to wear, put on makeup and do some last minute packing.

7:50 AM: Get some work done, call the venue for my event, put some stuff up on Facebook for the event, pack my giveaways and talk to coworkers.

9 AM: Pack up the truck with my coworker and head on out to Minnesota!

9:30 AM: Start texting people because I’m already bored and picking apart the music on Sirus hits radio with my coworker.

11:45 AM: Bathroom break #1! I’m surprised I made it this long, to be honest. Coworker gets very excited about the ham sticks he buys at the truck stop we stop at.

12:30 PM: Start hitting bad weather and continue to make fun of the stuff on the radio, but neither of us change the channel. We’ve already heard “Geronimo” and “Uptown Funk” four times each in these three hours.

1:30 PM: Get stuck outside of Minneapolis and see multiple accidents. I already have two emails and a text of some registrants canceling due to weather. 🙁

2 PM: Make it to the University of Minnesota campus and eat at Stub n’ Herbs (we may have an event there later this spring). Bar food has never tasted so good after a 5-hour car ride!


Don’t mind the yucky Viqueens penants. Gross.

3 PM: Get back on the bad, bad roads and try to get out of Minneapolis to start our trek to St. Cloud State University.

4 PM: See this sign (after hearing “Uptown Funk” for the 10th time now). Makes up for the bad roads and my coworker and I chuckle for a bit. Obviously I send it out on snapchat and Facebook, because I need to entertain others.


5:30 PM: Finallllllly arrive at St. Cloud State University and start getting my event set up. We have a beautiful space, but I’m unfortunately not expecting many of my 40 people that registered.

IMG_56926:30 PM: People show up! People that didn’t register, but whatever – PEOPLE!

7 PM: Hockey game begins, I hang back and eat all the babysit the cookies.


7:30 PM: Finally decide that it’s okay if I leave my room and watch the game with my coworker.

Sometimes around 8 PM: Have a parent tell me IN DETAIL about the hows and whys on making moose poop into jewelry. Continue to pretend that I don’t want to throw up as she discusses fecal matter. Can we also talk about that fact that she brought moose poop with her to show her son’s girlfriend? Why, I have no idea. It made for an entertaining evening!

10 PM: Guys end up in a tie after a long game into overtime. Still so exciting, though! Coworker and I pack up and take off for our 2-hour drive to our hotel on the Minnesota/Wisconsin border. (We obviously booked this hotel before we knew about the weather.)


11:30 PM: Make it to the hotel (with my coworker speeding on through since the roads were better and it was like, negative 50 and we wanted to go to bed).

1 AM: Pass out after rolling around in my king bed a few times. You could’ve fit 15 of me in there!

IMG_5701Travel days are exhausting! I got home late in the afternoon on Friday and then went home to get ready for a date. I was so crazy wired from a long week so this weekend I just took a breather (besides the anxiety during the Packer game, of course). What a day! I love my job. 🙂


  1. Katie says:

    Oh man! Weather and twin cities traffic/accidents are no joke. But at least by sleeping on the border you got back quicker! …how’s the Ireland stuff going? did you find out that it’s a fake and now don’t want to tell us?
    Katie recently posted…How To: Workout in the MorningMy Profile

    • Jessie says:

      Haha, no! It’s all true. 🙂 I’m just (impatiently) waiting for my passport. Can’t choose our dates until we have those. 🙁

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