Thursday Ramblings

It’s officially Thursday which is ALMOST Friday so it’s pretty exciting in my books. Since I can’t seem to keep a straight thought for more than five seconds today, I decided to link up with the Thinking Out Loud crew over at Running with Spoons.

Thinking-Out-Loud2One. It’s officially 15 days until my birthday. I really wasn’t feeling my birthday much this year, but I found out last night that one of my best friends from Milwaukee is coming to spend the weekend with me and I’m just SO EXCITED.

Two. Still on the birthday-bus, I decided yesterday that I was going to take the expensive plunge and buy myself an Erin Condren life planner. They’re a little steep (honestly, I can’t believe I paid almost $50 for a planner), but I’ve wanted one for over a year and planning is my jam. I’ve always been a planner by nature, PLUS now my job is an event planner so I mean, I had to get one. Maybe then I won’t need to have four other calendars in my life. I wish I was kidding … (no I don’t, I love calendars)

Three. Ok, just one more birthday thing. My best friend in the entire world sent me my birthday present early and I love it! She and I lived within walking distance since we were in pre-school, but as soon as we graduated from high school nine years ago (OMG YUCK), we’ve lived in completely different states. She’s currently livin’ it up (just kidding, she’s practically dying from all of her grad school work) over in South Carolina. Way off topic, but that’s the whole little story behind the compass bracelet. ­čÖé

IMG_5705Four. My sister stayed with me earlier this week and we went to a local Mexican restaurant that we absolutely love. This is a taco salad (and yes, I know there’s nothing “salad-like” in that), but it is SO GOOD. I also have an incriminating picture of my sister, but I promised her I wouldn’t put it up online but I really want to … ugh.

IMG_5707Five. My friend put this quote up on her Instagram and I spit out my drink when I was reading it. I even showed it to a boy (that I may/may not be hanging out with quite a bit) and he thought it was funny, too.

IMG_5710Six. Speaking of men that give me trouble, Oliver says hi.

IMG_5714Seven. There’s another Packer playoff game this weekend against the Seachickens and I’m already┬áSTRESSED OUT. This is going to be an anxiety-filled weekend for me.

Eight. I want another Kate Spade purse. I know, I know. But I want one so bad…… no.

Nine. I shouldn’t be allowed to dress myself.

IMG_5718Why, yes that is fake Uggs, pleather leggings and a leopard print tunic. (insert embarrassed monkey emoji here)

Ten. Did I mention it’s almost my birthday? ­čśë

Tell me something random about your Thursday in the comments! 


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