My Most-Used Emojis

Happy Monday! I’m trying to be excited when really I’m probably half-asleep at my desk. Either way, while reading Kelly’s post over on Sparkles and Shoes last Friday, she did this whole wonderful list of 83 Blog Post Ideas. I loved all of her ideas, but since I’m an avid emoji-user, I figured that’d be a good post idea for a Monday.

UntitledOne of my favorite things about getting someone’s number is finding out if they have an iPhone or not. It’s important in the dating world! How am I supposed to decipher a text without an emoji?! 😉

I lovvvve using emojis. Now, my most-used emojis change on a frequent basis depending on what I’m doing, but these are the most recent ones that are in my phone.

IMG_5730Sorry for the poor quality – iPhone screenshot + cropping didn’t help, either.

As you can see, I’m apparently happy a lot! Lots of smiley faces, hearts, clapping hands, wine, etc. The first smiley on the top left is my favorite – I feel like I use that emoji the most. It’s so versatile!

I use that “embarrassed monkey” all the time. In fact, I even brought it up in the post I wrote the other day when I was talking about my awful taste in putting together an outfit. I use this emoji a lot because I tend to say or do embarassing things quite a bit. I also use it as a version of “shaking my head” or “rolling my eyes”. So it’s multi-functional.


The green and gold hearts are in my most used right now due to the Packer season still being in full swing, so I’ve been using them on Twitter or texting when I’m blabbing about the game. And obviously the poop emoji because who DOESN’T like the poop emoji??

My new life goal is to get a poop emoji pillow. 🙂 

Are you an emoji user? If so, what are your favorites?