TYT: Passports, Cats & Booze

Random title, but hey … it’s fitting.

First off, I’m going to apologize right off the bat that I have like … zero pictures for the “booze” part. Apparently when I’m out being social with boys, I forget how to use a camera. Now set me in a bar with my girlfriends, and I’d probably have 19,000 pictures. Moving on …


My dad and my passports came in the mail WAY earlier than we were expecting, which means I get to start planning our trip and send in our paperwork to choose our flight dates for Ireland! This is my favorite treat! I’m so excited (if you can’t tell). I never thought I’d be this excited to get a little blue book before in my life.

IMG_5745Now I’ve been spending every waking minute looking up day tours in Ireland. My dad really doesn’t want to have to figure out how to drive in Ireland if at all possible (because there ain’t no way in hell I’ll be driving) so day trips may be our best option. Of course, I’m like “LET’S PLAN A DAY TRIP FOR EVERY DAY!!” and my dad’s like, “Can we just go sit at a pub?” It’s going to be an interesting trip. 😉


This past weekend was a whirlwind, so I treated myself to a little hangout time on my couch on Saturday afternoon before another crazy night. Oliver must’ve missed me because he didn’t let me move. Sometimes it’s nice to just allow yourself to lay around for a little bit, you know? A much needed treat that I’m wishing I was able to do right now.



Booze (& Food)

Okay, I treated myself to letting loose a bit this weekend. Only problem? I did it for three days straight. So much for losing weight this week!

giphyI don’t know that this gif makes any sense, but I love Mamrie and HP, so … go with it.

Friday night was a fun-filled night with some coworkers for dinner, drinks and a hockey game (and then I met up with some other people later for more drinks). Saturday included a happy hour for work, then sushi and even more drinks at a cool bar called The Nines with some peeps. Sunday started out with no booze, but after watching the Packers shoot themselves in the foot (let’s not talk about it) I decided it’d  be fun to lose  horribly in a game of Brewopoly (beer monopoly) to a boy who I’m pretty sure cheated but I can’t prove it or maybe I’m just a sore loser.  So, bring on the wine!


clay matthewsHere’s Clay waiting patiently for me to run into his arms for a hug after a tough loss.

So, after a crazy weekend filled with treats, I’m off to lay on the couch and not move. Happy to link-up with Becky for another TYT!


Did you have any treats this week?
Any Ireland travelers out there? I’d appreciate some tips! 


  1. Katie says:

    I agree with your dad, I wouldn’t plan too much for each day. I’d keep the schedule open to exploring, make sure if there’s something you must do that you figure out if they’re closed a certain day of the week, but otherwise just roll with it!
    Katie recently posted…Chance Chat 2015 #3: Critical ThingsMy Profile

    • Jessie says:

      I agree partially, but one of the issues is we won’t have a car so I don’t want to be “stuck” in Dublin the entire time. At least if we can get in a few day trips, we’ll be able to see other parts of the country. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for Dublin – I just want to see more than just that!

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