5 Ways I’ve Made Winter Less Miserable

It’s no surprise that Northeast Wisconsin has cold winters. I’ve always lived in Wisconsin, yet every year winter slaps me in the face. While this week has been “warm” (so basically there’s no negative windchills and we’re right around the 30 degree mark – woo!), I wanted to give you my list of realistic things I’ve done this winter to keep me less miserable. While I should probably be telling you “Go work out!” or “Get your body moving!” we all know that’s not what you want to do in winter. Hell, I’m lucky if I get out of bed early enough in the morning to do my hair let alone get my blood pumping with a workout.


1) If you’re single, find a guy. If you already have a man/significant other, well then you’re one step ahead of us. Any guy, really. They all have the body temperature of the surface of the sun, so you’ll be warm in no time! Oh and surprise him by putting your ice cold feet/hands on them to warm them up. I hear they LOVE that. But make sure you have an exit strategy because after about 10 minutes under a blanket (watching a movie, you sass) with Mister Surface-of-the-Sun,  you’re probably going to get *too* warm. Good luck figuring that one out.


2) Buy a really cozy blanket from TJ Maxx or Target. See, I just justified your next shopping trip. You’re welcome.


3) Hide long underwear or fleece-lined leggings under everything. Seriously, I wear a lot of maxi skirts and fleece-lined leggings during the winter because I can wear multiple layers and NO ONE KNOWS. It’s a warm little secret only you know. Plus, you don’t notice the weight gain as much when you do too much of my 5th reason down below.


4) Convince your boss to buy you a space heater. I did this by showing up every day to work wearing my coat, blanket and gloves. Apparently he felt bad so he let all the ladies in the office (who all were doing the same thing) buy some space heaters. Then, place it so close to your legs that you feel like you’re getting a sunburn. Ahhhh. My office is referred to as the “Sauna Office” because it’s so damn hot in here. #winning


5) Drink. Now, this can be something hot and virgin like a hot chocolate or coffee (borrrrring) or it can be alcohol which is way more fun. I feel like I always gain more weight drink more in the winter because it helps take the edge off of the -30 degree windchills that the wonderful world of Wisco gets in January. Plus, my birthday is January 30 and ain’t no way I’m wearing something “warm and reasonable” on my birthday. Heels and a dress it is, just hit me with some tequila before I walk out the door! No wonder we’re the drunk state, seriously.

PicMonkey Collage

As you can see, I started at an early age. I high recommend wearing a (fake) fur hat with a princess tiara on it as well. Helps with the warmth.

What do you do to keep up the happy vibes in the colder months? 



  1. Katie says:

    AS IF IT’S THAT EASY! (in response to #1…I’m not actually yelling at you, I’m just jealous).

    My other tips: ask for smart wool socks for christmas, they’re expensive but my mom and grandma usually each give me a pair.

    And instead of going out to bars/restaurants, invite your friends over to all make dinner and fancy drinks together. its warmer, you can wear whatever you want, and the cold never touches your face!
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    • Jessie says:

      Ahhh, that’s true! I should’ve edited it to say, “or cat or dog or heating pad” or something. 😉 And I totally agree about inviting friends over to stay inside! I’m still trying to meet people since I’m “newish” to this town again, so I find myself going out more, but once I’ve got some friends, inside it is for me!

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