Weekend Recap

Forewarning on this post: I have one photo from this entire weekend, so #sorrynotsorry. 😉

On Friday night after work, I did what I feel like everyone did this weekend and finally went to see American Sniper. Holy wow. Such a good movie, but super intense. Definitely a movie I think everyone should see, though. I just needed a stiff cocktail afterwards to lighten up my spirits (then again, I always think I need a cocktail …)

Saturday was a super chill day (besides some car issues), but then I had an event for work at night. Luckily it was just a hockey reception, so it was pretty fun. We lost, though, so that was rough.


Obviously my iPhone camera skills during an event were lacking. 

Sunday was what a perfect Sunday is in my opinion (unless it’s Packer season – then it’s a different story). I slept in, did an Insanity workout (owwwwwww) and then took a nap. After eating some lunch, I picked up some coffee and headed out to another couch that’s much more comfortable than mine. The rest of my Sunday consisted of comedy shows on Netflix, Chinese food and the movie “Shooter”. Perfect way to end out my weekend.

But now that the weekend is over, I can officially start celebrating my birthday week! I’m being good this year – it’s only a week, instead of an entire month. I’m setting aside all of my diet worries, but I’ll still be shoving in as much Insanity as possible since I’m really liking it for some weird reason. I have a few presents I bought myself that should be coming in this week, dinner with the fam either Wednesday or Thursday and then I took off of work on Friday for my actual birthday (mostly because I just don’t want to work on my birthday). Then my weekend will be filled with awesome friend time with my love, Saige, and our friend Rachel! Can’t wait. 🙂 Let the birthday week festivies begin – starting with a trip to Moe’s Southwest Grill for lunch because I got a free meal coupon today. #birthdayperks


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Tell me about your weekend! What was the best part?


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