Cheers to the Big 27!

It’s my birthday! I officially have to tell people that I’m in my late twenties (which shouldn’t be difficult because I’ve been accidentally telling people I’m 27 for the past month).


Since I’m pretty sure no one is getting me a dog for my birthday (you people suck), I decided to give you a birthday post with a bunch of dog pictures that don’t necessarily make sense! Woooooohooooo! But would you really expect any different from me?


For some reason I’ve always been afraid of turning 27. Probably because it’s officially on the rollercoaster to 30. Now that I’m 27, it just doesn’t seem like that big of a deal to me. Oh, maturity.

funny dog (160)

This year is already looking like a great year! I get to spend some quality time with people I adore today and the rest of this weekend. My car will be paid off this year though I need a new one, but we’re being positive right now. I’ve been meeting some really great people that make me very happy. I’m loving blogging. I’m loving my job. Now if only the damn Packers would’ve made it to the Superbowl. 

funny-dog-pictures-friggin-birthdayYou know what else? I get to go to Ireland! Still working on when and what to do (it’s so overwhelming), but I still can’t believe a life-long dream of mine is coming true.

funny-dog-birthday-cake-sadI hope this year to continue working out (and updating with my awesome TIU partner, Katie) so that I’m comfortable to wear a swimming suit this summer. Obviously, the diet starts AFTER my birthday (hello… I’m going to lunch specifically to get cotton candy so, eff diets this weekend).

downloadBut seriously, if I could just have a dog, that would be great. I’m sure Oliver would love a big, furry golden retriever friend.

124974958380022894_3O2USAU8_cSo, here’s to a kick-ass start to my 27th year! I’m off to celebrate and have a wonderful weekend filled with lots of girl time, hanging out with a pretty cool guy (I’m so good at being discreet – my blogger friend Katie is totally gonna catch on to that) and just having the best time. I hope you all have a wonderful day!

funny_dog_pictures_too_much_birthdayI’ll be back Monday (ish) with a recap of the shenanigans from the weekend, but I’m sure this golden above is what I’ll be feelin’ like.



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