Friday Favorites

You know how you sometimes just have a bad day? Or a bad few hours?

I tend to be pretty hard on myself sometimes and last night was no different. I had an event for work that didn’t go as planned (though it still went reallllly well) and I spent the rest of my night picking myself apart. When I woke up this morning, I still was in a funk, so I decided that in order to pull myself out of said funk, I’m going to write up a Friday Favorites and link up with Katie, Heather and Claire. Sometimes it’s nice to remind yourself of the good things instead of getting stuck on the bad. So, here we go!

1. Looking at pictures from my birthday weekend. 

PicMonkey Collage

No way you can continue having a bad day when you look through these pictures and reading about the weekend (which you can read here). I mean, how lucky am I to have such great people (and okay, my cat) in my life? Immediately puts a smile on my face.

2. Spark. 


Seriously, Spark has gotten me through this week like WHOA. I’m trying to get back on the healthy-track train (which I talked about yesterday) and the first thing is cutting back on the soda and coffee. Spark it is!

3. Supportive Tone It Up friends


While I’ve met quite a few great girls via Tone It up, my friend Katie and I are the closest. Katie and I still don’t have any pictures together, so I picked one up from the first time we met (I’m on the far right in the orange and she’s in the front with the blue shorts/black tank). Katie and I met through Tone It Up when I lived in Milwaukee and she’s such a real friend. We’re very much alike, yet know how to motivate one another. We’re getting back into this, girl! Plus, she’s going to start a blog soon so I can’t wait to make her ask her to do a guest post. 🙂

4. Supportive coworkers


Even though my event didn’t go exactly as I would’ve liked, it still went super well and everyone was happy – which should be good enough for me! I’ve already have multiple emails telling me how great the event is, so I have nothing to worry about. It’s wonderful working in a place where you’re truly supported. I’m very lucky.

5. PicMonkey

I know I’m late to the party, but I’ve used PM so much this week for my blog and for making collages for work. It’s just so easy! Random, yes. But I’m loving it. And I guarantee I still have a lot to learn – right now I’m just using the collages!

What’s been a favorite of yours this week? 


    • Jessie says:

      I know! Free is the best kind! 🙂 I’ve watched The Blacklist one time and I loved it. Good show! I want to start watching that and Scandal.

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