Thinking Out Loud #7

Another Thursday, so time for more of my rambling thoughts!


One. This.


I know, I know. Everyone is putting up sob stories about how cold it is, but I’m jumping right on that bandwagon. SERIOUSLY?! I’m over it. So. Damn. Over. It.

Thank God for blanket scarves, fleece-lined leggings and space heaters. 

Two. I took a spin class last night and I’m alive to tell the tale! I used to lovvvvvvvve spin, but then ended up hurting my knee once pretty bad (perks of being a tiny human – my legs usually aren’t long enough for older bikes) so I stopped going. I went last night and even though I couldn’t keep up when it came to adding more resistance all the time, I still got a great workout in. And then I went home and ate ALL THE THINGS! The one bad thing, though? This is me today.

Thankfully my coworker is a spin instructor, so she understands my pain.

Three. I’m already starting the countdown to Ireland. Can you blame me? I may also have a countdown until my boyfriend comes home tomorrow, but that’s neither here nor there.


Four. I mentioned last week that I was pretty upset with myself for gaining a bunch of weight in January, but I’ve already lost most of it. This week (so far) I’ve been really good. I’ve been counting weight watchers points (I don’t pay for it – I just know how to count them) and trying to be as good as possible. It’s almost bikini season and I want to be confident enough to get in a swimming suit! I haven’t been in one in almost three years!


Five. I actually made myself breakfast this morning which never happens. I’m one of those weird people that doesn’t like breakfast food. I KNOW.

That right there is a Fiber One English muffin, 1/4 of an avocado smashed up, 1/2 piece of deli turkey and a small egg. Yum!

Six. Shameless self promotion, but if you haven’t readg about my two crazy online dating stories yet, read those here! One guy brought snacks and a gun to a date and the other showed up at my apartment uninvited. I love reading about funny dating stories, so I figured I’d share mine again. 🙂

I have run out of thoughts for the day, so I’ll keep this one short. Linking up with Amanda!

Is anyone else dealing with nasty, nasty cold weather?
What is your favorite breakfast food to make?


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