The Significance of a Ring

Not that kind of ring, silly. I’m actually talking about my high school class ring.

IMG_5937Side note: Can we talk about how difficult/awkward it is to take a photo of a ring? God help me if I ever get engaged. All I’ve learned today is 1) I need a manicure, 2) I need lotion, 3) I need to go tanning and 4) If you bend your fingers, it looks like you have stub fingers. Whatever, you get the point.

So that there awkward photo of my right ring finger is a picture of my high school class ring. A class ring that hasn’t fit me since sophomore year of college because someone decided to gain the College 25 in my case.

Some people base weight loss progress on the scale (which I do as well) or on how well their clothes fit. For me, I wear a lot of leggings, elastic waist (p.s. I initially spelled that “waste” because I’m awesome) band jeans (so, jeggings) and dresses, so most of my clothes fit me no matter what size I am. I’ve been struggling with the scale especially the past year because it’s not moving “fast enough” for me. I also have a rear end that likes to hold on to ALL THE WEIGHT, so I usually lose weight from every other part of my body than the part I want anyway. So, for me, I set a goal a few years back to fit back into this ring.

A ring that hasn’t fit since 2007 (gross, I’m old). A ring my Aunt Marilyn (whom I adore) bought for me my sophomore year of high school. A ring that has sat in my jewelry thingy (I’m good at words) and traveled with me between moving multiple times on campus, moving home, moving to Milwaukee, moving to another part of Milwaukee, then another, then another, then another (wish I was joking) and then to Green Bay. A ring that I can sometimes get on, but it’s usually a little too tight to wear all day. A ring I definitely can NOT even try on in the summer after I’ve had an entire bag of chips and salsa and I’m a walking salt bloat goat.

So this morning after a rough week last week of trying to get back into the workout regime and eating as well as possible, I decided to try on my ring. After getting on the scale this morning to notice I dropped another two lbs. Exciting, yes … but this ring is more exciting. Because it fits COMFORTABLY and I feel like I’ve hit a monumental goal for me.

The funny thing is, my ring fit me about a year ago (when I was seven pounds lighter than I am now), but I was eating unhealthily and not working out. Now I’m downing water like it’s my job, eating as well as I possibly can and taking it slow. And you know what? It fits just as well. Granted, I still want to lose some extra weight so more than just my ring fits me (hellllllo, bikini season!), but it’s been a good day! Now, to continue with it and keep on pushing through!

PicMonkey Collage
Fun fact: I deleted most of the pictures of myself at my heaviest weight, so this before/after was difficult. I have zero body pictures. Also, I’m much better in my (mostly) natural blonde state. And maybe, JUST MAYBE, I need to stop being so hard on myself. 🙂

Do you have something that you want to fit into? Am I the only weird one who uses something other than clothes? 


  1. Katie says:

    I also use a ring to judge how I’m doing. A few months ago my aunt gave me one of my grandma’s rings. On normal days it fits my left hand middle finger, if I’m leaner/less bloated, it can go on my right hand middle finger. And if I’ve been eating really poorly, I take it off.
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