A Busy Weekend

Good morning, friends! Welcome to another week – woo, woo!

I’m going to blame that energy on the amount of Spark I’ve already had this morning.

On to my weekend … We’ll start with Friday because then it makes it seem longer. 🙂

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Friday was a pretty slow day at work, so I took the opportunity to go out for lunch with a coworker. We went to DSW (where I reaallllllly wanted to buy shoes, but I couldn’t find any I couldn’t live without) and then stepped into JC Penny for a minute. I didn’t realize the JCP in Green Bay had a Sephora, so that was dangerous. I stocked up on some of their Sephora brand face lotion that I love, Porefessional and hand cream.

Once work was done, I headed over to Titletown Brewery for dinner with my friend Mary. Afterwards, we headed over to The Libertine, which is a cool bar in downtown Green Bay with good drinks and a fun atmosphere. Once Mary headed out, I met up with my friend Brooke and her friends over at Fox Harbor for the rest of the night, where I watched them have a lot of fun playing darts and I sipped on water. Losing weight is fun, right? Boo.   Once the drunk guys started hitting on us (one thought that asking me about aliens would make me interested … what?) I decided it was my cue to leave. It was still almost 2 a.m., though, so I had a late night.

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Saturday started out pretty late (I slept in until 10:30) and I made myself some breakfast. I’ve really been loving an egg sandwich in the morning (when I have time to make it), so I ate that with some Spark while watching YouTube videos. At 1, I met my friend Rachel out at Plae Bistro for an awesome lunch (which I didn’t take a picture of – but you can see what the restaurant looks like in the picture above!) and some boy talk. After a long lunch, I intended on working out, but that just wasn’t in the cards, so I curled up on my couch for a bit before getting ready for the night.

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After taking way too much time getting ready, I headed out to eat dinner at Brooke’s place before the St. Norbert College hockey game. I was a bit overdressed, but I kept my coat on for the game anyway. Plus, they won! Off to finals they go. So excited for them!

Once the hockey game was over, I dropped Brooke off and headed over to The Standard for a drink with my friends Heather and Lauren. I didn’t intend on having a drink, but they do really cool specialty martinis there so I got one with a gummy worm in it because that seemed like a good idea. We were only there for maybe 45 minutes when Heather and Lauren had to leave, so I headed over to Anduzzi’s to see my friend Kayla (for all of 5 seconds) and Mary. After that, I headed back home.

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Sunday started out reallllly late (almost noon) because I woke up with an excruciating headache. See, even when I don’t drink I still get damn headaches! 🙁 I made myself some breakfast and Spark and parked myself on the couch to doze in and out of naps while my migraine pill was working it’s magic.

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Around 3 when I finally felt better, I took my butt to the gym to get in some cardio. I spent 30 minutes on the stairs (which always leaves me a sweaty mess) and then about 15 minutes on the elliptical. P.S. Apparently 3-4 on a Sunday afternoon is when my gym actually has eye candy instead of just the crazy beef cakes. Good to know for future reference. I got myself through the workout with some fun jams, but repeated Hunter Hayes’ “I Want Crazy” a few times, just to get that message beat into my head. 😉

After that I headed over to Chipotle (again), Target and then back home. I read the rest of the book, “It’s Just a F***ing Date” and then headed to bed pretty late, leaving me a bit groggy this morning. Nothing a bit of Spark can’t help, right? Hey, at least it’s not soda. And I woke up to find a 4 lb. weight loss this morning, so I’m not mad about it. 😉

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Did you do anything fun this weekend? 
Anyone else eat Chipotle twice or is that just me?? 🙂


    • Jessie says:

      It actually was pretty good! If you’ve read “He’s Just Not That Into You”, it’s pretty similar since it’s the same writers.

  1. Megan says:

    Sounds like a much needed fun weekend! Chipotle is SO good, we actually had it last week (but only once). I could probably eat it multiple times a week though! I’ve never had Spark.. is there a lot of caffeine in it or is it more vitamin based? I’m guessing its healthier than coffee??
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    • Jessie says:

      It’s an Advocare supplement. It doesn’t have sugar in it, but it’s caffeine free. It’s like 45 calories a serving – I really love fruit punch! I’m not a coffee drinker (unless it’s a super sugary mocha or something!) so it keeps me away from soda!

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