Thinking Out Loud #9

Hi friends!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful Friday Eve, staying warm (or if you’re already in a warm climate then SHHHHHHH) and getting ready for the weekend! So, here’s my weekly Thinking Out Loud link-up!


One. This is the reason that I never make my bed in the morning. It’s the damn cat’s fault!

IMG_5989Also he was chasing a light this morning from my phone and fell off the counter right on to his back and then walked away like nothing happened. After realizing he was okay, I probably laughed for a good 10-minutes. My cat is just as clumsy as me!

Two. I’m coming down with some sort of sickness, which causes me to drink way too much orange juice which then gives me a stomach ache. I’ve been poppin’ vitamins like crazy, but it seems to be turning into a head cold. Yayyyy.

Three. I went shopping last night at TJ Maxx and Target. Of course I had intended on buying myself some clothes, but couldn’t find any I liked. I did find some really cool tennis shoes for work (I’ll tell you about that in a minute!), but when I got home I realized one was a 6.5 and the other was a 7. 🙁 Going to return them tonight – hoping that there might be another 7 I can grab!


New eyelash curler, shower cap (with pigs on it!), chapstick and purple shampoo for the blonde locks.

Also, TJ Maxx has Kate Spade purses and I literally had to tell myself OUT LOUD to walk away. The lady standing next to me thought I was nuts.

Four. My college’s (alma mater and where I work) sports teams are doing SO WELL lately, but that makes my job CRAZY. I’m personally most excited for men’s hockey (my new favorite sport after the Packers, of course), but our men’s/women’s basketball, women’s hockey and track are all in big games this weekend! Of course, the hockey one is 6-hours away, so I won’t be traveling to that. 🙁

Five. I love, love, love, love, LOVE this song. I heard it for the first time (about 19,000 times) on my road trip to Minnesota in January for hockey and now I’m hooked. In fact, I panicked the other day at the gym because it somehow got stuck in “the cloud” so my phone wouldn’t play the song while I was working out. HOW am I supposed to workout, then?!

Six. I got a second job!! And it’s one that I think I’m going to love. It’s at a local (reallllllllly nice) gym here in town where I’ll be working the front desk and I’m going to work 1-2 days/week. Best part(s)?
1) My awesome friend/coworker teaches Spin classes there.
2) The people there (workers and gym-goers) are all super nice. I had a trial membership there when I first moved back and adored it, but it was too expensive, which leads me to my next point …
3) Free membership!!!! And they WANT me to workout as much as possible and take classes so that I can help everyone out! So excited for that! The perfect kind of environment and motivation for me.

I think that’s it for me today! I have dinner with a friend who I haven’t seen in FOUR years tonight (so excited to see her!) and then getting some things done around my apartment. As you can probably guess from my messy bed up top, my apartment is a disaster zone! Happy Thursday!

Tell me something random that you’ve been thinking about! 


  1. Jordyn says:

    Love that you were able to get w second job at a gym…that Is such a great situation! I’ve been looking for extra money lately too (spring clothes and grad school are expensive) but my schedule doesn’t really allow for some thing permanent so I’ve been doing some random modeling jobs (fun and good money but not so reliable) and I’m hoping to get into freelance writing (but haven’t done all the research required).
    Jordyn recently posted…15 Signs you’re (a little) too BougieMy Profile

    • Jessie says:

      Ooooh, good luck with freelance writing! I think you would be great at that. Luckily this job is very flexible and understands I work full-time so I can’t work much.

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