A couple of favorites …

It’s finally Friday!

This is my last weekend for awhile where I *probably* don’t have anything going on. I’m starting a new part-time job next week that may end up taking away some weekend time, plus my events start up again soon. The next couple of weekends are all up in the air as of now. So what do I plan to do this weekend? Absolutely nothing. Though I’m sure that’ll change as soon as I wake up bored on Saturday morning.

In the meantime, I figured I’d share some of my weekly favorites with you agian! Linking up with Katie and Heather.

Favorite Pin: This one just speaks to me … mostly because I would probably do something like this. Ask my Dad. (I’m an avid Pinterest lover, so come and follow me!)

1d2a787fd3c654755c1844b4fb9a3d54Favorite Clothing Item: These socks. Because, why not?

IMG_5991 (1)

Horrible quality, but you get the picture.

Favorite Outfit: I loved the outfit I wore on Wednesday. Granted, I took a little bit more time getting ready because I was hoping I’d run into someone which I did so it was totally worth itΒ but now I feel like I need to take extra time every day. Dammit!

IMG_5986 (2)

Also, I need to learn to make my bed.

Favorite Blog Posts:Β 

This one by Jordyn on emotions and how her life has done a 360.
This one by Nicole because she’s funny and I like thinking about seagulls talking in accents.
This one by Sarah because the sunset pictures are UNREAL.

Favorite Lie I’ve been Telling Myself: You are NOT getting sick. You are NOT getting sick. You are NOT getting sick.

Favorite Thing I’m Looking Forward To: Spring is coming! It’s supposed to be almost 50 next week and I can’t even handle my excitement.

Tell me about some of your favorites from this week!Β 


  1. Megan says:

    Congrats on the new job! I think it would be awesome to work at a gym so you’ll have to update on how its going! I’m so with you on spring & 50 degree weather. Definitely one of my favorites!

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